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Researcher Publications

Yibin Kang, PhD

Selected Publications

Selected peer-reviewed publications (15 out of a total of 111).

  1. Hu G, Chong RA, Yang Q, Wei Y, Blanco MA, Li F, Reiss M, Au JL-S, Haffty B, and Kang Y. (2009) MTDH activation by 8q22 genomic gain promotes chemoresistance and metastasis of poor-prognosis breast cancer. Cancer Cell, 15(1):9-20. (Cover Article)  PMID: 19111877
  2. Lu X and Kang Y. (2009) Efficient acquisition of dual metastasis organotropism to bone and lung through stable spontaneous fusion between MDA-MB-231 variants. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., 106(23):9385-90.  PMID:19458257
  3. Korpal M, Yan J, Lu X, Xu S, Lerit D, and Kang Y. (2009) Imaging TGF-b signaling dynamics and therapeutic response in breast cancer bone metastasis. Nature Medicine, 15(8):960-6.  PMID:19597504
  4. Lu X, Wang Q, Hu G, Van Poznak C, Fleischer M, Reiss M, Massagué J, and Kang Y. (2009) ADAMTS1 and MMP1 proteolytically engage EGF-like ligands in an osteolytic signaling cascade for bone metastasis. Genes & Dev., 23:1882-1894. (Cover Highlight) PMID: 19608765
  5. Sethi N, Dai X, Winter CG, and Kang Y. (2011) Tumor-derived Jagged1 promotes osteolytic bone metastasis of breast cancer by activating stromal Notch signaling. Cancer Cell, 19:192-205. (Cover Article)  PMID: 21295524
  6. Korpal M, Ell BJ, Buffa FM, Ibrahim T, Terrasa AC, Mercatali L, Khan Z, Blanco MA, Goodarzi H, Hua Y, Wei Y, Hu G, Garcia B, Ragoussis J, Amadori D, Harris AL, and Kang Y. (2011) Direct targeting of Sec23a by miR-200s influences cancer cell secretome and promotes metastatic colonization. Nature Medicine, 17:1101–1108. (Cover Article)  PMID: 21822286
  7. Sethi N and Kang Y. (2011) Unraveling the complexity and dynamics of metastasis: from molecular understanding to targeted therapeutics.  Nature Reviews Cancer, 11(10):735-748. PMID: 21941285
  8. Lu X, Mu E, Wei Y, Riethdorf S, Yang Q, Yuan M, Yan J, Hua Y, Tiede BJ, Lu X, Reiss M, Haffty BG, Pantel K, Massagué J, and Kang Y. (2011) VCAM1 promotes osteolytic expansion of indolent bone micrometastases of breast cancer by engaging a4b1-positive osteoclast progenitors. Cancer Cell 20:701-14. (Featured Article) PMID: 22137794.
  9. Chakrabarti R, Hwang J, Blanco MA, Wei Y, Lukačišin M, Romano R, Smalley K, Liu S, Yang Q, Ibrahim T, Mercatali L, Amadori D, Haffty BG, Sinha S and Kang Y (2012) Elf5 inhibits epithelial mesenchymal transition in mammary gland development and breast cancer metastasis by transcriptionally repressing Snail2/Slug. Nature Cell Bio., 14(11):1212-22. (Cover Article). PMID: 23086238.
  10. Ell B and Kang Y (2012) Snapshot: bone metastasis.  Cell, 151(3):690-690.e1. PMID: 23101634.
  11. Kang Y and Pantel K (2013) Tumor cell dissemination: biological insights from animal models and cancer patients. Cancer Cell, 23:573-581. PMID: 23680145
  12. Ell B, Mercatali L, Ibrahim T, Campbell N, Schwarzenbach H, Pantel K, Amadori D, and Kang Y. (2013) Tumor-induced miRNA changes in osteoclast as mediators and biomarkers of osteolytic bone metastasis. Cancer Cell, 24:542-56. PMCID: PMC3832956.
  13. Wan L, Pantel K, and Kang Y (2013) Tumor metastasis: translating new biological insights into better anti-cancer therapeutics. Nature Medicine, 19:1450-1464. PMID: 24202397.
  14. Wan L, Lu X, Yuan S, Wei Y, Guo F, Shen M, Yuan M, Chakrabarti R, Hua YSmith HA, Blanco MA, Chekmareva M, Wu H, Zheng A, Bronson RT, Haffty BG, Xing Y, and Kang Y (2014) MTDH-SND1 interaction is essential for the expansion and activity of tumor-initiating cells in diverse oncogene- and carcinogen-induced mammary tumors. Cancer Cell, 26(1):92-105. PMID: 24981741
  15. Zheng H, Shen M, Cha Y-L, Li W, Wei Y, Blanco MA, Ren G, Zhou T, Storz P, Wang H-Y, and Kang Y. (2014) PKD1 phosphorylation-dependent degradation of SNAIL by SCF-FBXO11 regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition and metastasis. Cancer Cell, in press.

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