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In-House Research and Clinical Genomic Analysis Service Leader: Ying Chen

A new research and clinical genomics analysis and reporting service has been established for Rutgers Cancer Institute's custom tumor panels, which are CAP/CLIA-certified. The team works closely with Systems Biologists, Oncologists, and Pathologists in establishing the analytic pipelines, clinical workflow, and methods that enable our Precision Medicine Initiative to conduct next-generation sequencing analysis, professional interpretation of data, and reporting, which helps guide the treatment of patients presenting with refractory disease and rare malignancies and supports the identification and classification oncogenes, tumor suppressors, and associated genetic pathways.

Biomedical Imaging Service Leader: Wenjin Chen

BISR features a high-resolution, digital camera with an RGB liquid crystal filter (Olympus DP70 and DP71) to digitize specimens. The Nuance multispectral imaging system can be configured for either bright-field or fluorescence microscopy in the visible wavelength range of 420-720 nm to allow systematic investigation regarding the use of metamerism manifold shortcuts and digital staining applications.

Clinical and Research Data Warehouse (CRDW) Service Leader: Kevin Meehan

Rutgers University has invested strategically in new technologies and personnel with expertise in computational medicine and biomedical informatics to advance key translational and clinical projects. A cornerstone for these efforts is the CRDW, which can reliably integrate data from electronic health records (EHR), clinical trial management systems, tumor registries, biospecimen repositories, radiology and pathology archives, and next-generation sequencing devices.

Service Development: David Foran and Adrian Rodriguez

Infrastructure Support and Service Development: 

The BISR provides:

  • Web-based tools that provide investigators data from our clinically-annotated biospecimen bank and other available metadata.
  • Secure Data Lake and Platform for iterative prototyping, analysis, and development through a virtualized data center environment to include access to Posit (formerly known as R Studio), REDCap, DNAStar Lasergene, and other applications.
  • A High-Performance GPU-based Server providing virtual desktops for computational imaging analysis for high-throughput analysis of longitudinal radiologic and digital pathology applications.
  • The Joint Data Governance Council to guide the methods used for gathering, accessing, and sharing the data at Rutgers Cancer Institute and across the RWJBH consortium; and The web-based Dynamic Quiz Bank features virtual telemicroscopy, automated scoring, and a growing database of oncology and pathology cases to provide support in educating and training medical students and physicians in the US and Botswana.


Updated 02/01/2023