Targeted Genomic Analysis of Human Cancers: Clinical Trial 001209

The essence of Precision Medicine Oncology at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is captured in the study, "Targeted Genomic Analysis of Human Cancers."

This study looks at the changes in the DNA (genes) of your tumor, along with your medical history, to make recommendations that are tailored to your specific cancer.

Your case will be presented in the formal setting of a Molecular Tumor Board, where, unlike a traditional tumor board, the Molecular Tumor Board focuses on the analysis of your tumor's DNA (gene) changes, not solely on your tumor type.  The molecular tumor board can include members from medical and surgical oncology, basic science, bioinformatics, genetic counseling, systems biology, pathology, tumor and population genetics, and cancer clinical trials.

At the meeting of the Molecular Tumor Board, the Board will make recommendations that are sent in a formal letter to the doctor who is treating your cancer.  The Precision Medicine team will follow up with your doctor and you on your progress.  

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