Princeton University’s Internships in Global Health Program

About the Program

Over the years, Princeton University students have had the opportunity to support the mission of the Rutgers Cancer Institute through working on various cancer research-related projects. 

Namely, Princeton health interns have worked closely with the Center for Tobacco Studies (CTS) on efforts to reduce cancer risk behaviors and improve cancer outcomes through individual, family, and system-level interventions. Interns have also worked in Dr. Sharon Manne’s lab on behavioral sciences research. Students have also worked with the Cancer Health Equity Center of Excellence to assist with increasing genetic education and genetic testing for hereditary cancer risk among Black cancer survivors. 

Additionally, student health interns have had the opportunity to support the PINPOINT (Promoting INformed approaches in Precision Oncology and ImmuNoTherapy) as well as the CATALYST (Choices About genetic Testing And Learning Your risk with Smart Technology) research projects. Through this, they have made important contributions to increasing awareness, improving access to clinical trials, and addressing the urgent need for genetic testing among individuals and families with a high risk for hereditary cancer.

The ongoing partnership between the Rutgers Cancer Institute and the Internships in Global Health Program at Princeton University undoubtedly fosters commitment to cancer research, improving the lives of cancer patients, and the future of cancer treatments.


This internship program is open to Princeton University students.

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