How to Borrow an eBook Using a Mobile App

The easiest way to borrow an eBook from the library is by downloading a mobile app. You are then able to read the book on any IOS or Android devices. Simply follow the directions below.

  1. Call or email library staff for a user name and password.  

    • Phone:  732-235-9639
    • Email:

  2. Download the free EBSCO Mobile app from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

  3. When you open the EBSCO Mobile app, click on the "Get started" button.

  4. You will need to find your institution next. Enter Rutgers Cancer Institute and click on "Connect your institution".

  5. Click Continue to sign in to

  6. Log in with the username and password given to you.

  7. Click on the magnifying glass on the bottom to search for a book. To view all of the books in the collection, search ebooks. Or you can enter the title or a subject (breast).

  8. Pick the book you want to read and click "download e-book".

  9. If you already made a personal account, just sign in. This is not the username and password you got from the library.

  10. If this is the first time you are downloading a book, click on "Create account". Fill in your name, email address and  password  Click on the consent box and click on create account. Once you do this, you are set to download the book. Just sign in with the newly created email and password, not the one you got from the library.

  11. Choose how long you will check the book out for. It will be returned automatically for you.

  12. Enjoy your book!


March 2024