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Zheng Laboratory - Select Publications


Tsang, CK, Chen, M., Cheng, X., Qi, YM, Cehn, Y., Das, I., Li., XX., Vallat, B., Fu, LW, Qian, CN., Wang HY, White, E., Burley, S., and Zheng, X.F. SOD1 Phosphorylation by mTORC1 Couples Nutrient Sensing and Redox Regulation Molecular Cell 2018, forthcoming

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Thomas JD*, Zhang, YJ*, Wei, YH, Cho JH, Wang HY and Zheng, X.F. Rab1 is an mTORC1 activator and a colorectal oncogene. Cancer Cell 2014; 26, 754–769 (*co-first authors)
Featured in Preview by Cancer Cell 26:601–602; Research Watch by Cancer Discovery 4:1366

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This paper was featured by the following journals:
Science’s STKE Vol. 2006, Issue 351, pp. tw302, 5 September 2006;
Cell Metabolism 2006, 4:259-260;

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