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 CHANGE IN VISITATION GUIDELINES: Please read before visiting Rutgers Cancer Institute.

The Resource Room

In the Resource Room, a library professional is available to help you fulfill your information needs.  We can provide you with materials on topics such as cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, symptom management, end-of-life care, nutrition, clinical trials, support, caregiving, alternative and complementary therapies, emotional health and wellbeing, and family care issues. You can also find out more about the cancer services offered at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.  As well as one-to-one assistance, internet access is available for health research. 

Find out what we've added most recently to the library.

The Resource Room offers:

  • Computers with access to online resources and credible health websites.
  • Consumer health books, magazines, brochures and newsletters.
  • Interactive computer programs and CD-ROMs on specific types of cancers.
  • Health education DVDs.
  • Medical reference books.
  • Spanish language material.
  • Children's books.
  • Portable DVD players and recreational DVDs.
  • Playaway devices and CDs for relaxation.
  • iPads for games, movies, music and internet.


Latest Additions to the Library


Cure's illustrated guide to cancer (2013) edited by Lena Huang et al.  Cure combines science with humanity to empower cancer patients and their caregivers with the latest information on every aspect of cancer

Living with the long-term effects of cancer : acknowledging trauma and other emotional challenges (2020) by Cordelia Galgut.  Challenging a number of myths about living long term with or after cancer, this book offers new insights by delving into areas that are not usually spoken about.

Lymphedema warriors health & wellness (2020) by Ivy Sardoncillo-Enting.  A simple to-go book on understanding about lymphedema, its treatment, prevention, exercises, self -management, and everything and anything we should know about this medical condition.

The medical marijuana guide : cannabis and your health (2018) by Patricia C. Frye with Dave Smitherman.  This book provides a direct, no-nonsense approach to educating readers about cannabis and its medicinal qualities.

Overcome the challenges of cancer care : how to avoid pitfalls on the path to healing (2020) by Stephen Rosenberg.  This is an accessible guide to the disease and the challenges of receiving the best care possible.

Proof of heaven : a neurosurgeon's journey into the afterlife (2012) by Eben Alexander.  This is the story of one person near-death experience.

Radical hope (2020) by Kelly A. Turner with Tracy White.  Real-life stories from survivors of cancer and other diseases.

Radical : the science, culture, and history of breast cancer in America (2019) by Kate Pickert.  Drawing on interviews with doctors, economists, researchers, advocates and patients, as well as on journal entries and recordings collected over the author's treatment, Radical puts the story of breast cancer into context, and shows how modern treatments represent a long overdue shift in the way doctors approach cancer.

Stay on : build resillence and thrive while facing cancer (2020) by Connie M. Baker.  Guides patients through the maze of healthcare choices that arise with a new cancer diagnosis.


April 2021