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 CHANGE IN VISITATION GUIDELINES: Please read before visiting Rutgers Cancer Institute.

The Resource Room

In the Resource Room, a library professional is available to help you fulfill your information needs.  We can provide you with materials on topics such as cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, symptom management, end-of-life care, nutrition, clinical trials, support, caregiving, alternative and complementary therapies, emotional health and wellbeing, and family care issues. You can also find out more about the cancer services offered at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.  As well as one-to-one assistance, internet access is available for health research. 

Find out what we've added most recently to the library.  When available, click on the title's link to learn more about each book.

The Resource Room offers:

  • Computers with access to online resources and credible health websites.
  • Consumer health books, magazines, brochures and newsletters.
  • Interactive computer programs and CD-ROMs on specific types of cancers.
  • Health education DVDs.
  • Medical reference books.
  • Spanish language material.
  • Children's books.
  • Portable DVD players and recreational DVDs.
  • Playaway devices and CDs for relaxation.
  • iPads for games, movies, music and internet.


Latest Additions to the Library


The art of eating without a stomach : how to thrive after gastrectomy for stomach cancer (2014) by Peter Thatcher.  A complete guide to living healthy, happy, and pain free after a gastrectomy.

Be a survivor : lung cancer (2019) by Vladmir Lange.  Updated edition.  The book addresses each step in the diagnosis, staging, treatment and recovery process, and includes a chapter on end-of-life issues, and a section specifically for the patient's partner or caregiver.

Bladder cancer : a patient-friendly guide to understanding your diagnosis and treatment options (2017) by David Pulver et al.  Addresses the questions, concerns, and challenges that confront people diagnosed with bladder cancer and those who love and support them.

Bone Marrow/stem cell transplant : frequently asked questions (2019) by National Bone Marrow Transplant Link.  A helpful resource to give patients and families tools, information, encouragement, and support during their transplant journey.  Updated edition.

Caregivers' guide for bone marrow/stem cell transplant (2020) edited by Peggy Burkhad and Melinda Clynes.  Includes new essays recognizing the role of caregivers.  Updated edition.

The complete diabetes cookbook : the healthy way to eat foods you love (2018) by America's Test Kitchen.  Provides healthy and creative diabetes-friendly recipes.

Diabetes & keeping fit (2018) by Sheri Colberg.  This informative, down-to-earth guide shows you how to incorporate exercise into your routine

The everything guide to integrative pain management : conventional and alternative therapies for managing pain (2015) by Traci Stein.  Learn about the different options for managing pain with an integrative plan, incorporating traditional medications with natural pain relief solutions.

Frankly speaking about cancer : myelofibrosis (2021).  Updated edition.  Free PDF download is available.  You will need to click on the topic from the publication list.

Graft versus host disease : living with the after effects of bone marrow/stem cell transplant (2021) by National Bone Marrow Transplant Link.  Provides guidance and support in dealing with the after effects of bone marrow/stem cell transplants.  Updated edition.

Guide for bone marrow and stem cell transplant : what to expect and how to get through it (2016) by Keren Stronach.  Provides guidance and support through the bone marrow and stem cell transplant journey before, during and after the procedure.  In English and Spanish.

Healthy habits for managing and reversing prediabetes (2019) by Marie Felman.  100 simple habits that you can implement in your daily life to lower your risk of developing diabetes.

Invasion of the prostate snatchers : an essential guide to managing prostate cancer for patients and their families (2021) by Mark Scholz and Ralph Blum.  A doctor and patient provide a new perspective on managing prostate cancer.

Managing type 2 diabetes (2018) by American Diabetes Association.  An essential guide to understanding the effects of diabetes and knowing what steps to take to successfully manage this chronic illness.

Mayo Clinic on digestive health : how to prevent and treat common stomach and gut problems (2020) by Sahil Khanna, medical editor.  This manual includes information on everything from healthy digestion to cancer treatment.

Mayo Clinic on incontinence : strategies and treatments for improving bladder and bowel control (2021) by Paul D. Pettit and Anita H. Chen, medical editors.  A complete guide to successfully managing bladder and bowel problems.

Mayo Clinic on osteoporosis : keep your bones strong and reduce your risk of fractures (2021) by Ann E. Kearns.  A leading endocrinologist at Mayo Clinic, provides clear, practical information on the common causes of osteoporosis and osteopenia, simple ways to prevent bone loss with nutritious foods and supplements, and how to test for low bone mass before a fracture occurs.

Medicare & you 2023.  updated edition.  Free PDF download is available.

My other bag's a prada : quick and dirty tips for surviving an ileostomy (2016) by AW Cross.  The author gives you a first-hand, non-medical perspective of what to expect from your ileostomy and how to cope successfully day-to-day.

The pain management workbook : powerful CBT and mindfulness skills to take control of pain and reclaim your life (2020) by Rachel Zoffness.  Learn strategies for creating a pain plan for home and work, reducing reliance on medications, and breaking the pain cycle.

The pain survival guide : how to become resilient and reclaim your life (2020) by Dennis C. Turk and Frits Winter.  A 10-lesson self-management program offers clinically-proven strategies for making simple, gradual adjustments to daily patterns so you can take cope with chronic pain and take charge of your life.

The prostate cancer owner's manual : what you need to know about diagnosis, treatment, and survival (2021) by Harley A. Haynes and Richard M. Miles.  Provides medical expertise and personal knowledge and insight to help patients and their families make sense of the road ahead of them.

Return to sex and intimacy : for cancer survivors and their partners (2017) by Michael J. Russer and Jacqueline V. Lopez.  Whether your relationship is impacted by cancer or not, this book is your guide to relationship fulfillment.

So much more than my ostomy : loving my perfectly imperfect body (2021) by Ellyn Mantell.  Provides advice, tips, and encouragement for caring for and embracing your body.

Survivorship guide for bone marrow/stem cell transplant : coping with late effects (2020) by Keren Stronach.  Offers information on a number of post-transplant topics, such as Chronic Graft Versus Host Disease, Emotional Well-Being, Sexuality and Intimacy, Returning to Work, and Caring for Your Body.  Updated edition. 

Taming chronic pain : a management guide for a more enjoyable life (2019) Amy Orr.  Provides a practical approach to pain management.


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