Montagna Laboratory - Publications

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  • ANDRIANI, G. A., FAGGIOLI, F., BAKER, D., DOLLE, M. E., SELLERS, R. S., HEBERT, J. M., VAN STEEG, H., HOEIJMAKERS, J., VIJG, J. & MONTAGNA, C. 2016b. Whole chromosome aneuploidy in the brain of Bub1bH/H and Ercc1-/Delta7 mice. Hum Mol Genet, 25, 755-65.
  • ANDRIANI, G. A., MAGGI, E., PIQUE, D., ZIMMERMAN, S. E., LEE, M., QUISPE-TINTAYA, W., MASLOV, A., CAMPISI, J., VIJG, J., MAR, J. C. & MONTAGNA, C. 2019. A direct comparison of interphase FISH versus low-coverage single cell sequencing to detect aneuploidy reveals respective strengths and weaknesses. Sci Rep, 9, 10508.
  • ANDRIANI, G. A., VIJG, J. & MONTAGNA, C. 2016c. Mechanisms and consequences of aneuploidy and chromosome instability in the aging brain. Mech Ageing Dev.
  • BAKER, N. E. & MONTAGNA, C. 2022. Reducing the aneuploid cell burden - cell competition and the ribosome connection. Dis Model Mech, 15.
  • FAGGIOLI, F., VIJG, J. & MONTAGNA, C. 2014. Four-color FISH for the detection of low-level aneuploidy in interphase cells. Methods Mol Biol, 1136, 291-305.
  • FAGGIOLI, F., WANG, T., VIJG, J. & MONTAGNA, C. 2012. Chromosome-specific accumulation of aneuploidy in the aging mouse brain. Hum Mol Genet, 21, 5246-53.
  • MARCUS, J., BEJERANO-SAGIE, M., PATTERSON, N., BAGCHI, S., VERKHUSHA, V. V., CONNOLLY, D., GOLDBERG, G. L., GOLDEN, A., SHARMA, V. P., CONDEELIS, J. & MONTAGNA, C. 2019. Septin 9 isoforms promote tumorigenesis in mammary epithelial cells by increasing migration and ECM degradation through metalloproteinase secretion at focal adhesions. Oncogene, 38, 5839-5859.
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  • SUN, S., BRAZHNIK, K., LEE, M., MASLOV, A. Y., ZHANG, Y., HUANG, Z., KLUGMAN, S., PARK, B. H., VIJG, J. & MONTAGNA, C. 2022. Single-cell analysis of somatic mutation burden in mammary epithelial cells of pathogenic BRCA1/2 mutation carriers. J Clin Invest.
  • VAN ARSDALE, A., PATTERSON, N. E., MAGGI, E. C., AGONI, L., VAN DOORSLAER, K., HARMON, B., NEVADUNSKY, N., KUO, D. Y. S., EINSTEIN, M. H., LENZ, J. & MONTAGNA, C. 2020. Insertional oncogenesis by HPV70 revealed by multiple genomic analyses in a clinically HPV-negative cervical cancer. Genes Chromosomes Cancer, 59,84-95.

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