About Dr. Kinney

Dr. Anita KinneyDr. Anita Kinney has been an actively funded investigator in cancer prevention and control for over 25 years. Her research brings a combination of behavioral science, clinical, and epidemiologic perspectives to address unsolved cancer problems and health disparities in diverse populations and settings. Her overarching research goal is to understand variation in cancer risk, determinants of risk and outcomes, and to use this information to develop effective interventions that facilitate informed decision-making, positive changes in health behaviors, and guideline-concordant genomic care delivery that leads to better outcomes. Much of Dr. Kinney's research has focused on documenting determinants of interest, access and use of genomic tests, and related health services in diverse populations, and using this information to better understand and address health disparities. She has also had considerable experience leading and collaborating on large community-based and population-based randomized trials that have developed and implemented effective interventions to promote cancer risk assessment, risk reduction, screening and care delivery in average-risk and high-risk populations, and appropriate translation of genetic discoveries into clinical practice. Further, Dr. Kinney has pioneered effective culturally targeted and telehealth genetic risk communications, behavior change, and genomic testing interventions in cancer survivors and their relatives. This research has helped shape health policy and clinical guidelines. In addition, she has developed and tested effective health promotion interventions in cancer survivors incorporating genomic and other biomarkers to better understand biobehavioral mechanisms underlying intervention effects and improve cancer care delivery.

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  • Associate Director for Population Science and Community Outreach at Rutgers Cancer Institute
  • Director, Cancer Health Equity Center of Excellence, Rutgers Cancer Institute and School of Public Health
  • Director, ScreenNJ


Center for Cancer Health Equity

Dr. Kinney is also the Director for the Center for Cancer Health Equity.

The Center for Cancer Health Equity was formalized in 2019 and serves as a catalyst for training and education, research, community engagement, and public policy advocacy surrounding cancer health equity in one of the nation’s most ethnically and racially diverse states. The Center’s mission is to advance the achievement of equitable access, improved health care quality, and better outcomes across the cancer continuum – prevention, early detection, treatment, survivorship, and end-of-life care – through research, education and training, community engagement and outreach, and public policy advocacy. The Cancer Health Equity Center of Excellence (CHECoE) is the mechanism by which we deliver our cancer focused community outreach and engagement (COE) activities to address the cancer burden in New Jersey and community needs. 

Through partnerships with healthcare provider agencies, public health agencies, community organizations, and patient advocates and other stakeholders, we increase cancer awareness and facilitate cancer risk reduction and screening, timely diagnosis and treatment, research, and survivorship services, as well helping organizations initiate or expand outcomes-oriented, evidence-based cancer control actions, education and training, and outreach services. Activities are led by an interprofessional team of researchers, staff, and community organizations and members to address the CA burden and needs through high impact science, community engagement and outreach. COE is informed by ongoing surveillance of the CA burden, a vibrant Community Cancer Action Board (CCAB) of demographically diverse members across NJ, and other highly engaged community partners. These activities and input help ensure that various perspectives and communities’ voices are considered in program development, implementation, evaluation, and decision-making. The CHECoE is organized into five areas: CA Surveillance and Research Support, Outreach and Education, Prevention and Care Navigation, Community Partner Coordination, and Administration. COE has swiftly become a vital part of NJ communities, Rutgers and CINJ culture. 

Additionally, if you are interested in becoming a Cancer Health Equity Center of Excellence member, please e-mail chemembership@cinj.rutgers.edu

ScreenNJ — Cancer Prevention, Education, and Screening

ScreenNJ is a statewide program whose focus is to implement and expand the reach of evidence-based cancer prevention and screening services, directly address barriers that prevent people from receiving timely cancer screenings, and reduce the cancer burden experienced by New Jerseyans.

In partnership with Rutgers Cancer Institute, the New Jersey Department of Health, and healthcare and community organizations across New Jersey, ScreenNJ aims to:

  • increase access to timely cancer screening,
  • reduce cancer mortality rates,
  • reduce disparities in cancer screening access, and
  • educate New Jersey residents about the importance of cancer screening, early detection, and prevention

To learn more about ScreenNJ and to access cancer screening services, visit us at www.screennj.org and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Community Outreach and Engagement

Rutgers Cancer Institute is committed to meeting the cancer-related needs of communities across the state of New Jersey. Through community outreach and engagement (COE), we lead, conduct and support efforts to reduce the cancer burden in New Jersey. Through partnerships with healthcare provider agencies, public health agencies, and community organizations, we increase cancer awareness and share information about cancer screening, treatment, research, and survivorship services, as well helping organizations initiate or expand outcomes-oriented, evidence-based cancer screening, education, and outreach services.

Our mission is to advance cancer health equity across the state of New Jersey, with a focus on underserved populations, through community capacity building, participatory research, advocacy, community and patient navigation, and innovative education and training. With our community partners across the state and informed by members of our Community Cancer Action Board (CCAB), together we strive to be national and global leaders in achieving cancer health equity, improving the quality of cancer care, reducing cancer burden, and improving recruitment of diverse populations to clinical trials in New Jersey and beyond. 

To do this, we engage with partners – including coordinating community outreach events, sharing resources, providing healthcare provider continuing education, sharing innovative ideas and best practices, promoting and mentoring clinical practice improvements, and many other activities known to improve cancer care, reduce the cancer burden, and increase health equity.

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