Genome Editing Services

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To request services, please visit the GESR iLab webpage.

The GESR has implemented an innovative deadCas9 allelic sequestration CRISPR method that incorporates the use of nuclease deficient Cas9 (dCas9) to allow for modification of a single target allele. This method improves upon and allows for the use of CRISPR technology to modify a single allele in cases where modification of both alleles produce deleterious mutations, which could adversely affect the survival of the cell/embryo or alter stem cell properties through sustained DNA damage response.

The GESR offers the following services:

  • Mouse model generation includes any de novo mouse model production through CRISPR-Cas9 mediated gene editing or standard transgenesis. These include gene knockouts (KO), SNP knock-in (KI), epitope tag KI, and plasmid KI to express fluorescent proteins or Cre recombinase.
  • Cell line editing provides investigators with custom-modified KO or KI cell lines.
  • Mouse line cryopreservation is efficiently performed by sperm cryopreservation, except for mouse models containing several modified alleles which benefit from embryo cryopreservation to maintain their genetic composition.
  • Mouse line rederivation introduces new mouse models to the Cancer Center and tests the health status of existing lines.
  • The GESR supports the generation of expression and viral vectors for in vivo gene editing in their laboratory.


Updated 01/20/2023