The Center for Cancer Survivorship

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Cancer survivorship starts at the time of diagnosis, continues during and after treatment, and includes family members, caregivers, and all individuals who have been affected by a cancer diagnosis. Due to advances in detection, diagnosis, and treatment in cancer care, the number of cancer survivors is growing. The Rutgers Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Survivorship was created colorful treeto address the unique needs of this growing population. Our mission is to provide education, social support, and research opportunities that extend beyond the treatment process for patients and their caregivers and loved ones. 

The Center for Cancer Survivorship provides two distinct clinical programs to meet the needs of children and adults who have survived cancer. 

The LITE Program

The LITE Program provides long-term evaluation and support for childhood cancer survivors. Comprised of a team of specialists experienced in caring for this population, the program aims to meet the special needs pediatric cancer survivors by addressing late effects of therapy, intervening early, and providing ongoing education and support. Learn more

The Survivorship Program

The Survivorship Program provides long-term evaluation, support, and health education for adult cancer survivors. Learn more


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