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Selected Publications

da Silva-Diz V, Herranz D. Forever young: Sphk2 in HSCs, when less is more. Blood. 2022 Oct 13;140(15):1658-1660. PMID:36227746.

Ghaddar B, Biswas A, Harris C, Omary MB, Carpizo DR, Blaser MJ, De S. Tumor microbiome links cellular programs and immunity in pancreatic cancer. Cancer Cell. 2022 Oct 10;40(10):1240-1253.e5. PMID:36220074.

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Biswas A, Ghaddar B, Riedlinger G, De S. Inference on spatial heterogeneity in tumor microenvironment using spatial transcriptomics data. Comput Syst Oncol. 2022 Sep;2(3):e21043. PMID:36035873.

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Xiao Q, Zhang X, Tu L, Cao J, Hinrichs CS, Su X. Size-dependent activation of CAR-T cells. Sci Immunol. 2022 Aug 5;7(74):eabl3995. PMID:35930653.

Hu X, Biswas A, De S. KMT2C-deficient tumors have elevated APOBEC mutagenesis and genomic instability in multiple cancers. NAR Cancer. 2022 Jul 25;4(3):zcac023. PMID:35898555.

Bal E, Kumar R, Hadigol M, Holmes AB, Hilton LK, Loh JW, Dreval K, Wong JCH, Vlasevska S, Corinaldesi C, Soni RK, Basso K, Morin RD, Khiabanian H, Pasqualucci L, Dalla-Favera R. Super-enhancer hypermutation alters oncogene expression in B cell lymphoma. Nature. 2022 Jul;607(7920):808-815. PMID:0.

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Aita R, Aldea D, Hassan S, Hur J, Pellon-Cardenas O, Cohen E, Chen L, Shroyer N, Christakos S, Verzi MP, Fleet JC. Genomic analysis of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 action in mouse intestine reveals compartment and segment-specific gene regulatory effects. J Biol Chem. 2022 Aug;298(8):102213. PMID:35779631.

Jalloul N, Ganesan S, Garber JE, Khiabanian H. Reply to T. Ménard. JCO Precis Oncol. PMID:35709401.

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Lee S, Abed DA, Nguyen MU, Verzi MP, Hu L. Structure-activity relationships of 1,4-bis(arylsulfonamido)-benzene or naphthalene-N,N'-diacetic acids with varying C2-substituents as inhibitors of Keap1-Nrf2 protein-protein interaction. Eur J Med Chem. 2022 Jul 5;237:114380. PMID:35462166.

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Panda A, Betigeri A, Ganesan S. A Gene Panel for Early Identification of Future Responders to Immune Checkpoint Blockade. Front Genet. 2022 Mar 3;13:706468. PMID:35309122.

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Minteer C, Morselli M, Meer M, Cao J, Higgins-Chen A, Lang SM, Pellegrini M, Yan Q, Levine ME. Tick tock, tick tock: Mouse culture and tissue aging captured by an epigenetic clock. Aging Cell. 2022 Feb;21(2):e13553. PMID:35104377.

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Yu Y, Dong H, Peng Y, Welsh WJ. QSAR-Based Computational Approaches to Accelerate the Discovery of Sigma-2 Receptor (S2R) Ligands as Therapeutic Drugs. Molecules. 2021 Aug 30;26(17):5270. PMID:34500703.

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