Cancer Prevention and Control Research Program

Program Leaders: Carolyn J. Heckman, PhD and Elisa V. Bandera, MD, PhD

Overall Goals:

To engage in scientific discovery across the cancer control continuum (e.g., primary prevention to survivorship) that translates into empirically-based interventions, clinical and public health practice, and policy strategies to reduce the cancer burden in New Jersey and beyond. 

Specific Aims:

  • Advance the understanding of multi-level determinants of cancer risk, treatment, and patient-reported and survival outcomes with an emphasis on minorities and underrepresented populations.
  • Characterize and prevent tobacco use and guide effective tobacco control strategies at multiple levels to reduce cancer morbidity and mortality.
  • Enhance cancer risk reduction, screening behaviors, and outcomes through the development and evaluation of novel interventions and implementation science.

Collaborating Research Programs:

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