Biostatistics - Equipment and Software

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Hardware and Operation Software  

Each biostatistician and data analyst has a Microsoft Windows-based desktop or laptop with a Windows 7 processor, 64-bit OS. Biostatistics has five Linux servers running CentOS Linux 6.0 operating system and an SAS Tape Library for routine backups that can store up to 72 TB of data.


The workstations are located at Rutgers Cancer Institute and are connected to the University network so that authorized users can access them via the Internet. There is full backup daily and monthly with incremental backups daily and each weekend; monthly backup tapes are secured off-site.  The combination of server-client and cluster computing assures flexibility and cost-effectiveness for using commercial software for analyses and implementing locally developed applications.  This hardware structure is capable of processing and manipulating large data sets and performing computing-intensive data analyses and simulations. It is particularly cost-effective for performing large-scale data management and complex exploratory research in bioinformatics.


Statistical and numerical analysis software packages and compilers include SAS, R, C++, and FORTRAN. The Biostatistics faculty and staff develop their own computer programs using SAS and/or R when necessary. The statistical designs of Phase I and Phase II studies based on the methodology described by Drs. Lin and Shih have been implemented by SAS, R, or FORTRAN.


Last updated 02/01/2023