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Researcher Publications

Monica A. Driscoll, PhD

Selected Publications

Exercise and Healthspan Project

  • Laranjeiro, R., Harinath, G., Braekman, B.P., Driscoll, M. 2017. Single C. elegans swim sessions induce key features of mammalian exercise. BMC Biol. 15:30. doi: 10.1186/s12915-017-0368-4.
  • Ibáñez-Ventoso, C., Herrera, C., Chen, E., Motto, D., and Driscoll M. Automated analysis of C. elegans swim behavior using CeleST software. 2016. J Vis Exp. 2016 Dec 7;(118). doi: 10.3791/54359. PMID: 28060275
  • Laker, R.C., Xu, P., Ryall, K., Sujkowski, A., Kenwood, B.K., Chain, K.H., Zhang, M., Hoehn, K.L., Adler, P.N., Royal, M., Driscoll, M., Wessells, RJ, Saucerman, J.J, and Yan, Z. 2014. A novel MitoTimer reporter gene for mitochondrial content, structure, stress, and damage in vivo. J. Biol. Chem. 289:12005-15.
  • Restif, C., Ibanez-Ventoso, C., Vora, M., Guo, S., Metaxas, D. and Driscoll, M. 2014. CeleST: Computer vision software for quantitative analysis of C. elegans swim behavior reveals novel features of locomotion. PLoS Computational Biology, 0(7):e1003702

Lifespan and Healthspan Intervention Project

  • Lucanic, M., Plummer, WT, Chen, E., Harke, J., Foulger JC, Onken, B, Coleman-Hulbert, AL, Dumas, KJ, Guo, S., Johnson, E., Bhaumik, D., ,Xue, J., Crist, AB, Presley, MP, Harinath, G., Sedore, CA, Chamoli, M., Kamat, S., Chen, MK, Angeli, S., Chang, C., Willis, JH, Edgar, D, Royal, MA, Chao, EA, Patel, S., Garrett, T., Ibanez-Ventoso, C., Hope, J., Kish, JL, Guo, M, Lithgow, GJ, Driscoll, M., Phillips, P.C., Lithgow, G. 2017. Impact of genetic background and experimental reproducibility on identifying chemical compounds with robust longevity effects Nature Communications, 8:14256 doi 10.1038/ncomms1426.
  • Lithgow, G., Driscoll, M., and Phillips, P. 2017. A long walk toward reproducibility: Lessons from tiny worms. Nature 548:387-388.

Aging and Proteostasis Projects

  • Melentijevic, I., Toth, M.L., Arnold, M.L., Guasp, R., Harinath, G. Nguyen, K.C., Taub, D., Parker, A., Neri, C., Gabel, C.V., Hall, D.H., and Driscoll, M. 2017. C. elegans neurons jettison protein aggregates and mitochondria under neurotoxic stress. Nature 542:367-371.
  • Scerbak, C., Vayndorf, E., Neri, C., Driscoll, M., Taylor, B. 2014. Insulin signaling in the aging of healthy and proteotoxically stressed mechanosensory neurons. Front Genet., 5: 212 (1-14).
  • Morsci, N., Hall, D.H., Driscoll, M., and Sheng, Z.H. 2016 Age-related phasic patterns of mitochondrial maintenance. J Neurosci. 36:1373-85.
  • Vayndorf, E.M., Scerbak, C., Hunter, S., Neuswanger, Toth, M.L., Parker, A.J., Neri, C., Driscoll, M. and Taylor, B.E. 2016. Morphological remodeling of C. elegans neurons during aging is modified by compromised protein homeostasis NPJ Aging and Mech. Disease 16001 1-10.
  • Toth, M. Melentijevic, I. Shah, L., Bhatia, A., Lu, K., Talwar, A., Naji, H., Ibanez-Ventoso, C., Ghose, P., Jevince, A., Herndon L., Bhanot, G., Rongo, C., Hall, D.H., and Driscoll, M. 2012. Neurite sprouting and synapse deterioration in the aging C. elegans nervous system. J. Neurosci. 32: 8778-90.

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