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Researcher Publications

Mehdi Javanmard, PhD

Selected Publications

  1. Le, G. Sallesloustau, L. Najafizadeh, S. Zonouz, M. Javanmard, “Cytocoded Passwords: BioMEMS Based Barcoding of Biological Samples for User Authentication in Microfluidic Diagnostic Devices”,Biomedical Microdevices. 20, 63 (2018).
  2. Salem, M. Javanmard, “Electrochemical Quantification of Nucleic Acids Using Graphene Based Electrodes for Point-of-Care Diagnostics”, IEEE Sensors Letters. 2, 4500404 (2018).
  3. Furntiturewalla, M. Chan, J. Sui, and K. Ahuja, M. Javanmard, “Fully Integrated Wearable Impedance Cytometry Platform on Flexible Circuit Board with Online Smartphone Readout”, Microsystems and Nanoengineering (Nature Publishing Group) 4, 20 (2018).
  4. Zhao, V. Sadhu, T. Le, D. Pompili, M. Javanmard, “Toward Wireless Health Monitoring via an Analog Signal Compression-Based Biosensing Platform”, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems. 12, 461 (2018).
  5. Aldeer, M. Javanmard, R. Martin “A Review of Medication Adherence Monitoring Technologies”, Applied System Innovation. 1(2), 14 (2018).
  6. Le, G. Sallesloustau, L. Najafizadeh, M. Javanmard, S. Zonouz “Trusted Sensor Signal Protection for Confidential Point-of-Care Medical Diagnostic”, IEEE Sensors Journal. (2017)
  7. Xie, X. Cao, Z. Lin, M. Javanmard “Multiplexed Molecular Biomarker Detection Using Nanoelectronically Barcoded Beads”, Lab on a Chip. (2017).
  8. Talukder, A. Furniturewalla, T. Le, M. Chan, S. Hirday, X. Cao, P. Xie, Z. Lin, A. Gholizadeh, S. Orbine, M. Javanmard “A Portable Battery Powered Microfluidic Impedance Cytometer with Smartphone Readout: Towards Personal Health Monitoring”, Biomedical Microdevices. (2017).
  9. Gholizadeh, D. Voiry, C. Weisel, A. Gow, R. Laumbach, H. Kipen, M. Chhowalla, M. Javanmard, “Towards Point-of-Care Management of Chronic Respiratory Conditions: Electrochemical Sensing of Nitrite Content in Exhaled Breath Condensate Using Reduced Graphene Oxide,” Nature Microsystems and Nanoengineering (2017).
  10. Xie, X. Cao, Z. Lin, N. Talukder, S. Emaminejad, M. Javanmard, “Processing Gain and Noise in Multi-Electrode Impedance Cytometers: Comprehensive Electrical Design Methodology and Characterization”. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. 241:672-80 (2017).
  11. Gholizadeh, M. Javanmard, "Magnetically Actuated Microfluidic Transistors: Miniaturized Micro-Valves Using Magnetorheological Fluids Integrated With Elastomeric Membranes," Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, PP, 1-7, doi: 10.1109/JMEMS.2016.2586420
  12. Smith GT, Dwork N, Khan SA, Millet M, Magar K, Javanmard M, Bowden AK. Robust dipstick urinalysis using a low-cost, micro-volume slipping manifold and mobile phone platform. Lab on a Chip. (2016).
  13. Lin, X. Cao,P. Xie, M. Liu, M. Javanmard, “PicoMolar level detection of protein biomarkers based on electronic sizing of bead aggregates: theoretical and experimental considerations”. Biomedical Microdevices. 17, 119, (2015).
  14. S. Emaminejad*, M. Javanmard*, C. Gupta, R.W. Davis, R.T. Howe, "Tunable Control of Antibody Immobilization using Electric Field", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. In Press. 2015. * Equal Contribution
  15. S. Emaminejad, R.W. Dutton, R. W. Davis, M. Javanmard. "Multiplexed Actuation using Ultra Dielectrophoresis for Proteomics Applications: A Comprehensive Electrical and Electrothermal Design Methodology", Lab on a Chip. 14, 2105-2114, (2014).
  16. J. Mok, M. Mindrinos, R.W. Davis, M. Javanmard. "Digital Microfluidic Assay for Detection of Proteins", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111, 2110-2115, (2014).
  17. M. Javanmard, S. Emaminejad, C. Gupta, R.W. Davis, R.T. Howe, "Depletion of Cells and Abundant Proteins from Biological Samples by Enhanced Dielectrophoresis", Sensors and Actuators B. 193, 918-924, (2014).
  18. S. Emaminejad*, M. Javanmard*, R. Dutton, R.W. Davis, “Smart Surface for Elution of Protein–Protein Bound Particles: Nanonewton Dielectrophoretic Forces Using Atomic Layer Deposited Oxides”, Analytical Chemistry, 84, 10793-1081 (2012). * Equal Contribution.
  19. S. Emaminejad*, M. Javanmard*, R. Dutton, R.W. Davis, “Microfluidic Diagnostic Tool for the Developing World: Contactless Impedance Flow Cytometry”, Lab on a Chip, 12, 4499-4507 (2012). * Equal Contribution.
  20. M. Javanmard, S. Emaminejad, R. Dutton, R.W. Davis, “Use of Negative Dielectrophoresis for Selective Elution of Immuno-bound Particles” , Analytical Chemistry 84, 1432-1438 (2012).
  21. M. Javanmard, R.W. Davis, “Microfluidic Force Spectroscopy for Characterization of Biomolecular Interactions with PicoNewton Resolution” , Applied Physics Letters 97, 173704-173706 (2010). Invited Paper in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research.
  22. M. Javanmard, R.W. Davis, “A Microfluidic Platform for Electrical Detection of DNA Hybridization” , Sensors and Actuators: B Journal 154, 22-27 (2011).
  23. M. Javanmard, M. Nemat-Gorgani, A. Talasaz, F. Pease, M. Ronaghi, R.W. Davis, “Electrical Detection of Protein Biomarkers Using Bioactivated Microfluidic Channels”, Lab on a Chip Journal 9, 1429-1434 (2009).
  24. M. Javanmard, M. Nemat-Gorgani, A. Talasaz, F. Pease, M. Ronaghi, R.W. Davis, “A Microfluidic Platform for Characterization of Protein-Protein Interactions", IEEE Sensors Journal 9, 883-891 (2009).
  25. M. Javanmard, A. Talasaz, M. Nemat-Gorgani, F. Pease, M. Ronaghi, R.W. Davis, “Targeted Cell Detection Based on Micro-Channel Gating”, Biomicrofluidics Journal 1,044103 (2007). Also featured as Invited Paper in Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research. Among top 20 Biomicrofluidics downloaded papers for over 6 months.

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