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Researcher Directory

Eduardo D. Sontag, PhD

Academic Appointment

Distinguished Professor
Department of Mathematics
School of Arts and Sciences
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


  • Graduate Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Graduate Faculty, Computer Science
  • Director, Rutgers Undergraduate Biomathematics Major
  • Director, Center for Systems and Control
  • Director, Graduate Program in Quantitative Biomedicine


Research Interests

  • Interested in all aspects of "systems biology", including especially cell signaling and development. Most of my work concerns dynamical system behavior, including control and signal-processing aspects. Examples include my work on oscillations in cell-cycle and circadian models, multi-stability of MAPK cascades, and models of gene networks. However, my current research also includes aspects from computational biology such as TF binding site recognition and analysis of interaction networks.

Selected Publications

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