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Our Vision of Transdisciplinary and Translational Research

Researcher at the Cancer Institute of New JerseyThe Cancer Institute of New Jersey has a unique niche among NCI-designated centers, as it benefits from opportunities as a matrix cancer center and at the same time has statewide authority beyond the university matrix. The Cancer Institute's statewide authority derives from its status as the only NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in New Jersey; extensive and direct support by the State of New Jersey as the state’s resource in oncology; opportunities for translational and population science research within the most diverse and densely populated state in the Nation; and the accessibility and synergistic opportunities for collaboration between outstanding research institutions. Leveraging such a rich environment with multiple scientific disciplines, center director Robert S. DiPaola, MD has formalized a vision of transdisciplinary and translational research within and beyond the university matrix.

The transdisciplinary activities of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey span a broad spectrum of cancer research by incorporating faculty of Rutgers University and Princeton University into research programs. Each program focuses on a central theme and is strengthened by the availability of new or expanded Shared Resources. Program Leaders were recruited from outside the institution or were chosen by the senior leadership of the center based on scientific achievement, leadership and organizational skills, commitment to the goals of the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, record of collaboration, and interest in promoting and participating in transdisciplinary and translational research.