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Hardware: Each OHRS member has a desktop personal computer with network access to the entire Cancer Institute complement of software programs.  There are five printers, three facsimile machines, three photocopiers and two scanners to support OHRS operations in addition to the computers, printers, facsimile machines and scanners in the clinical service areas.

Software: Human clinical research data resides within the OnCore® clinical research management system.  Each staff member of the OHRS has access to the OnCore® database, which is comprised of modules that provide the following:

  • Protocol and life cycle management (e.g., set up and activation of studies, management of committees, verification of subject eligibility, registration of subjects on study, accrual monitoring, study reporting, etc.)
  • Subject safety management (e.g., automated notifications within/across studies, summarization of adverse event and serious adverse event data by grade and attribution, tracking of outside safety reports, etc.)
  • Protocol and subject calendar management (i.e., study and subject-specific management of study parameters including subject treatment, visits and data collection schedules)
  • Electronic data capture, data management and custom reporting
  • Paperless committee management (i.e., scientific review, data and safety monitoring)
  • Study information portal (i.e., automatic posting of specified study information to the Cancer Institute website)
  • Tissue tracking