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 CHANGE IN VISITATION GUIDELINES: Please read before visiting Rutgers Cancer Institute.

Got Sunscreen?

When you are hitting the beach this summer, don't forget to use sunscreen, wear a hat and sunglasses, and try to limit your direct sun exposure during the time of day when UV rays are strongest -- all simple tips that can help reduce your risk for skin cancer.

sun safety

Learn about these and other helpful tips from Rutgers Cancer Institute experts:

Being Sun Smart
Find out why the sun's rays can cause skin cancer and what to look for
By Janice Mehnert, MD

Carmela Hoefling, MSn, APNC, AOCNPSun Safety
Learn how to protect your skin
By Carmela Hoefling, MSN, APNC, AOCNP

Excessive Sun Exposure: Just Say No
Find out how to protect yourself from harmful sun exposure 
By Vadim Koshenkov, MD

sun safetyWhat's Your Sun Safety IQ?

Sun safety is not just for vacation. Are you sun-safe every day? Click here to take the American Cancer Society's quiz and find out.