How to Download an Audiobook

Follow the instructions below to download one of our audiobooks to your mobile device:

  1. Call or email library staff for a user name and password.  

    • Phone:  732-235-9639
    • Email:

  2. Use this username and password to log into the EBSCO website.

  3. Before selecting which collection you would like to browse, you will need to register for a free personal account, or sign into an existing EBSCO account. Click “Sign In” at the top right-hand side of the web page.

  4. If you already have a personal EBSCO account, login in using your username and password. If you do not, click “Create a New Account” and follow the instructions to create a username and password.

  5. When you have returned to the database selection page, click "Audiobook Collection" and click Continue to search or browse the collection.

  6. Click on the audiobook you would like to borrow. On the right-hand side of the page, click Borrow.

  7. Choose how long you want to borrow the audiobook for.

  8. On your mobile device, download the EBSCO Audiobooks app from the iTunes Store or Google Play.

  9. Open the app and click on the login button. 

  10. Login with your personal login name and password. Not the one given to you from the library.  

  11. Click on your downloaded book and your book will open.

  12. Enjoy your audiobook!


March 2024