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Ping Xie, PhD

Publications since 2011

Edwards, S. K. Han, Y. Liu, Y. Kreider, B. Z. Liu, Y. Grewal, S. Desai, A. Baron, J. Moore, C. R. Luo, C. Xie, P. Signaling mechanisms of bortezomib in TRAF3-deficient mouse B lymphoma and human multiple myeloma cells. Leuk Res, In process, . (PMID: 26740054)

Lalani, A. I. Luo, C. Han, Y. Xie, P. TRAF3: a novel tumor suppressor gene in macrophages. Macrophage (Houst), 2:e1009, . (PMID: 26661944, PMCID: PMC4673676)

Moore, C. R. Edwards, S. K. Xie, P. Targeting TRAF3 Downstream Signaling Pathways in B cell Neoplasms. J Cancer Sci Ther, 7:67-74, . (PMID: 25960828, PMCID: PMC4422099)

Xie, P. Moore, C. R. Swerdel, M. R. Hart, R. P. Transcriptomic profiling of splenic B lymphomas spontaneously developed in B cell-specific TRAF3-deficient mice. Genom Data, 2:386-388, . (PMID: 25419513, PMCID: PMC4236829)

Lalani, A. I. Moore, C. R. Luo, C. Kreider, B. Z. Liu, Y. Morse, H. C. 3rd Xie, P. Myeloid Cell TRAF3 Regulates Immune Responses and Inhibits Inflammation and Tumor Development in Mice. J Immunol, In process, . (PMID: 25422508)

Edwards, S. Baron, J. Moore, C. R. Liu, Y. Perlman, D. H. Hart, R. P. Xie, P. Mutated in colorectal cancer (MCC) is a novel oncogene in B lymphocytes. J Hematol Oncol, In process, . (PMID: 25200342, PMCID: PMC4172902)

Edwards, S. K. Desai, A. Liu, Y. Moore, C. R. Xie, P. Expression and function of a novel isoform of Sox5 in malignant B cells. Leuk Res, 38:393-401, . (PMID: 24418753, PMCID: PMC3947564)

Perkins, D. J. Polumuri, S. K. Pennini, M. E. Lai, W. Xie, P. Vogel, S. N. Reprogramming of murine macrophages through TLR2 confers viral resistance via TRAF3-mediated, enhanced interferon production. PLoS Pathog, 9:e1003479, . (PMID: 23853595, PMCID: PMC3708851)

Xie, P. TRAF molecules in cell signaling and in human diseases. J Mol Signal, 8:7, . (PMID: 23758787, PMCID: PMC3697994)

Edwards, S. K. Moore, C. R. Liu, Y. Grewal, S. Covey, L. R. Xie, P. N-benzyladriamycin-14-valerate (AD 198) exhibits potent anti-tumor activity on TRAF3-deficient mouse B lymphoma and human multiple myeloma. BMC Cancer, 13:481, . (PMID: 24131623, PMCID: PMC3853153)

Moore, C. R. Liu, Y. Shao, C. Covey, L. R. Morse, H. C. 3rd Xie, P. Specific deletion of TRAF3 in B lymphocytes leads to B-lymphoma development in mice. Leukemia, 26:1122-1127, . (PMID: 22033491, PMCID: PMC3433763)

Xie, P. Poovassery, J. Stunz, L. L. Smith, S. M. Schultz, M. L. Carlin, L. E. Bishop, G. A. Enhanced Toll-like receptor (TLR) responses of TNFR-associated factor 3 (TRAF3)-deficient B lymphocytes. J Leukoc Biol, 90:1149-1157, . (PMID: 21971520, PMCID: PMC3236554)

Xie, P. Kraus, Z. J. Stunz, L. L. Liu, Y. Bishop, G. A. TNF receptor-associated factor 3 is required for T cell-mediated immunity and TCR/CD28 signaling. J Immunol, 186:143-155, . (PMID: 21084666, PMCID: PMC3044490)