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William J. Welsh, PhD

Publications since 2011

Groen, N. Guvendiren, M. Rabitz, H. Welsh, W. J. Kohn, J. de Boer, J. Stepping into the omics era: opportunities and challenges for biomaterials science and engineering. Acta Biomater, In process, . (PMID: 26876875)

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Diller, D. J. Connell, N. D. Welsh, W. J. Avalanche for shape and feature-based virtual screening with 3D alignment. J Comput Aided Mol Des, In process, . (PMID: 26458937)

LaCuran, A. E. Pegg, K. M. Liu, E. M. Bethel, C. R. Ai, N. Welsh, W. J. Bonomo, R. A. Oelschlaeger, P. Elucidating the role of residue 67 in IMP-type metallo-beta-lactamase evolution. Antimicrob Agents Chemother, In process, . (PMID: 26369960)

Ai, N. Wood, R. D. Welsh, W. J. Identification of Nitazoxanide as a Group I Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Negative Modulator for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain: An In Silico Drug Repositioning Study. Pharm Res, 32:2798-2807, . (PMID: 25762088)

Li, G. Bastian, C. Welsh, W. Rabitz, H. Experimental Design of Formulations Utilizing High Dimensional Model Representation. J Phys Chem A, In process, . (PMID: 26090693)

Abdelhamid, D. S. Zhang, Y. Lewis, D. R. Moghe, P. V. Welsh, W. J. Uhrich, K. E. Tartaric acid-based amphiphilic macromolecules with ether linkages exhibit enhanced repression of oxidized low density lipoprotein uptake. Biomaterials, 53:32-39, . (PMID: 25890704, PMCID: PMC4405674)

Martin, A. A. Tomasini, M. Kholodovych, V. Gu, L. Sommerfeld, S. D. Uhrich, K. E. Murthy, N. S. Welsh, W. J. Moghe, P. V. Carbohydrate-derived amphiphilic macromolecules: a biophysical structural characterization and analysis of binding behaviors to model membranes. J Funct Biomater, 6:171-191, . (PMID: 25855953)

Son, Y. Mishin, V. Welsh, W. Lu, S. E. Laskin, J. D. Kipen, H. Meng, Q. A Novel High-Throughput Approach to Measure Hydroxyl Radicals Induced by Airborne Particulate Matter. Int J Environ Res Public Health, 12:13678-13695, . (PMID: 26516887)

Osimitz, T. G. Welsh, W. J. Ai, N. Toole, C. Polyester monomers lack ability to bind and activate both androgenic and estrogenic receptors as determined by In Vitro and In Silico methods. Food Chem Toxicol, In process, . (PMID: 25455886)

Ai, N. Welsh, W. J. Santhanam, U. Hu, H. Lyga, J. Novel virtual screening approach for the discovery of human tyrosinase inhibitors. PLoS One, 9:e112788, . (PMID: 25426625)

Zauhar, R. J. Gianti, E. Welsh, W. J. Fragment-based Shape Signatures: a new tool for virtual screening and drug discovery. J Comput Aided Mol Des, 27:1009-1036, . (PMID: 24366428, PMCID: PMC3880490)

Lewis, D. R. Kholodovych, V. Tomasini, M. D. Abdelhamid, D. Petersen, L. K. Welsh, W. J. Uhrich, K. E. Moghe, P. V. In silico design of anti-atherogenic biomaterials. Biomaterials, 34:7950-7959, . (PMID: 23891521)

Helsley, R. N. Sui, Y. Ai, N. Park, S. H. Welsh, W. J. Zhou, C. Pregnane X receptor mediates dyslipidemia induced by the HIV protease inhibitor amprenavir in mice. Mol Pharmacol, 83:1190-1199, . (PMID: 23519392, PMCID: PMC3657097)

Meng, Q. Richmond-Bryant, J. Lu, S. E. Buckley, B. Welsh, W. J. Whitsel, E. A. Hanna, A. Yeatts, K. B. Warren, J. Herring, A. H. Xiu, A. Cardiovascular outcomes and the physical and chemical properties of metal ions found in particulate matter air pollution: a QICAR study. Environ Health Perspect, 121:558-564, . (PMID: 23462649, PMCID: PMC3673192)

Duan, P. Li, S. Ai, N. Hu, L. Welsh, W. J. You, G. Potent inhibitors of human organic anion transporters 1 and 3 from clinical drug libraries: discovery and molecular characterization. Mol Pharm, 9:3340-3346, . (PMID: 22973893, PMCID: PMC3490050)

Hehir, S. Plourde, N. M. Gu, L. Poree, D. E. Welsh, W. J. Moghe, P. V. Uhrich, K. E. Carbohydrate composition of amphiphilic macromolecules influences physicochemical properties and binding to atherogenic scavenger receptor A. Acta Biomater, 8:3956-3962, . (PMID: 22835678, PMCID: PMC3462273)

Fomovska, A. Wood, R. D. Mui, E. Dubey, J. P. Ferreira, L. R. Hickman, M. R. Lee, P. J. Leed, S. E. Auschwitz, J. M. Welsh, W. J. Sommerville, C. Woods, S. Roberts, C. McLeod, R. Salicylanilide Inhibitors of Toxoplasma gondii. J Med Chem, 55:8375-8391, . (PMID: 22970937, PMCID: PMC3498903)

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Sui, Y. Ai, N. Park, S. H. Rios-Pilier, J. Perkins, J. T. Welsh, W. J. Zhou, C. Bisphenol A and its analogues activate human pregnane X receptor. Environ Health Perspect, 120:399-405, . (PMID: 22214767, PMCID: PMC3295358)

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Sushko, I. Novotarskyi, S. Korner, R. Pandey, A. K. Rupp, M. Teetz, W. Brandmaier, S. Abdelaziz, A. Prokopenko, V. V. Tanchuk, V. Y. Todeschini, R. Varnek, A. Marcou, G. Ertl, P. Potemkin, V. Grishina, M. Gasteiger, J. Schwab, C. Baskin, I. I. Palyulin, V. A. Radchenko, E. V. Welsh, W. J. Kholodovych, V. Chekmarev, D. Cherkasov, A. Aires-de-Sousa, J. Zhang, Q. Y. Bender, A. Nigsch, F. Patiny, L. Williams, A. Tkachenko, V. Tetko, I. V. Online chemical modeling environment (OCHEM): web platform for data storage, model development and publishing of chemical information. J Comput Aided Mol Des, 25:533-554, . (PMID: 21660515, PMCID: PMC3131510)

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Zang, Q. Keire, D. A. Wood, R. D. Buhse, L. F. Moore, C. M. Nasr, M. Al-Hakim, A. Trehy, M. L. Welsh, W. J. Class modeling analysis of heparin 1H NMR spectral data using the soft independent modeling of class analogy and unequal class modeling techniques. Anal Chem, 83:1030-1039, . (PMID: 21192734)

Zang, Q. Keire, D. A. Wood, R. D. Buhse, L. F. Moore, C. M. Nasr, M. Al-Hakim, A. Trehy, M. L. Welsh, W. J. Determination of galactosamine impurities in heparin samples by multivariate regression analysis of their (1)H NMR spectra. Anal Bioanal Chem, 399:635-649, . (PMID: 20953772)