Researcher Publications

Wei Dai, PhD

Selected Publications

  1. Chen, M., Dai, W., Sun, S. Y., Jonasch, D., He, C. Y., Schmid, M. F., Chiu, W., and Ludtke, S. J., (2017), Convolutional Neural Networks for Automated Annotation of Cellular Cryo-electron Tomograms. Nature Methods. doi:10.1038
  2. Luengo, I., Darrow, M.C., Spink, M.C., Sun, Y., Dai, W., He, C.Y., Chiu, W., Pridmore, T., Ashton, A.W., Duke, E.M.H., Basham, M., Andrew P. French, A.P, (2017). SuRVoS: Super-Region Volume Segmentation Workbench. J. Struct. Biol. 198 (1): 43-53.
  3. Hecksel, C.W., Darrow, M.C., Dai, W., Galaz-Montoya, J.G., Chin, J.A., Mitchell, P.G., et al. (2016). Quantifying variability of manual annotation in cryo-electron tomograms. Microsc Microanal. 22 (3), 487-496
  4. Tan, Z., Dai, W., van Erp, T.G.M., Overman, J., Demuro, A., Digman, M.A., et al. (2015). Huntington’s disease cerebrospinal fluid seeds aggregation of mutant Huntingtin. Mol. Psychiatry 20 (11), 1286-1293 .
  5. Dai, W., Fu, C., Khant, H.A., Ludtke, S.J., Schmid, M.F., and Chiu, W. (2014). Zernike phase-contrast electron cryotomography applied to marine cyanobacteria infected with cyanophages. Nat Protoc 9, 2630-2642.
  6. Dai, W., Schmid, M.F., King, J.A., and Chiu, W. (2014). Identifying the assembly pathway of cyanophage inside the marine bacterium using electron cryo-tomography. Microbial cell 1, 45-47.
  7. Dai, W., Fu, C., Raytcheva, D., Flanagan, J., Khant, H.A., Liu, X., Rochat, R.H., Haase-Pettingell, C., et al. (2013). Visualizing virus assembly intermediates inside marine cyanobacteria. Nature 502, 707-710.
  8. Yu, X., Shah, S., Lee, M., Dai, W., Lo, P., Britt, W., Zhu, H., Liu, F., et al. (2011) Biochemical and structural characterization of the capsid-bound tegument proteins of human cytomegalovirus. J. Struct. Biol. 174 (3), 451-460.
  9. Dai, W., Hodes, A., Hui, W.H., Gingery, M., Miller, J.F., and Zhou, Z.H. (2010). Three-dimensional structure of tropism-switching Bordetella bacteriophage. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 107, 4347-4352.
  10. Dai, W., Jia, Q., Bortz, E., Shah, S., Liu, J., Atanasov, I., Li, X., Taylor, K.A., et al. (2007) Unique structures in a tumor herpesvirus revealed by cryo-electron tomography and microscopy, J. Struct. Biol. 161, 428-438.
  11. Dai, W., Liang, Y., and Zhou, Z.H. (2003) Web portal to an image database for high-resolution three-dimensional reconstruction, J. Struct. Biol. 144, 238-245.

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