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Kenneth J. Breslauer, PhD

Publications since 2011

Li, M. Volker, J. Breslauer, K. J. Wilson, D. M. 3rd APE1 Incision Activity at Abasic Sites in Tandem Repeat Sequences. J Mol Biol, 426:2183-2198, . (PMID: 24703901, PMCID: PMC4034141)

Breslauer, K. J. Case, D. A. Walter, N. G. Woodson, S. A. Introductory editorial: Biopolymers celebrates 50 years of nucleic acids research. Biopolymers, 99:909, . (PMID: 23893377)

Braunlin, W. Volker, J. Plum, G. E. Breslauer, K. J. DNA meter: Energy tunable, quantitative hybridization assay. Biopolymers, 99:408-417, . (PMID: 23529692)

Volker, J. Plum, G. E. Gindikin, V. Klump, H. H. Breslauer, K. J. Impact of bulge loop size on DNA triplet repeat domains: Implications for DNA repair and expansion. Biopolymers, In process, . (PMID: 23494673)

Volker, J. Gindikin, V. Klump, H. H. Plum, G. E. Breslauer, K. J. Energy landscapes of dynamic ensembles of rolling triplet repeat bulge loops: implications for DNA expansion associated with disease states. J Am Chem Soc, 134:6033-6044, . (PMID: 22397401, PMCID: PMC3318849)