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Shaohua Li, MD

Publications since 2011

Fu, X. Xu, M. Liu, J. Qi, Y. Li, S. Wang, H. Regulation of migratory activity of human keratinocytes by topography of multiscale collagen-containing nanofibrous matrices. Biomaterials, 35:1496-1506, . (PMID: 24268197)

Kutscher, H. L. Gao, D. Li, S. Massa, C. B. Cervelli, J. Deshmukh, M. Joseph, L. B. Laskin, D. L. Sinko, P. J. Toxicodynamics of rigid polystyrene microparticles on pulmonary gas exchange in mice: Implications for microemboli-based drug delivery systems. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, 266:214-223, . (PMID: 23142466, PMCID: PMC3586786)