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Miao Zhang, PhD

Publications since 2011

Song, Y. Zhang, M. Gan, L. Chen, X. Zhang, T. Yue, N. J. Goyal, S. Haffty, B. Ren, G. Predictive parameters for selection of electronic tissue compensation radiotherapy in early-stage breast cancer patients after breast-conserving surgery. Oncotarget, In process, . (PMID: 27147569)

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Chen, T. Zhang, M. Hanft, S. Green, R. Yue, N. Goyal, S. SU-E-J-84: Quantitative Dosimetry Assessment of the Impact of Image Artifacts of Metal Implants in Spinal SABR Treatment. Med Phys, 42:3283, . (PMID: 26127478)

Zou, W. Reyhan, M. Zhang, M. Davis, R. Jabbour, S. Khan, A. Yue, N. SU-E-T-04: 3D Dose Based Patient Compensator QA Procedure for Proton Radiotherapy. Med Phys, 42:3331, . (PMID: 26127671)

Zhang, M. Zou, J. Chen, T. Yue, N. SU-E-T-748: Theoretical Investigation On Using High Energy Proton Beam for Total-Body-Irradiation. Med Phys, 42:3509, . (PMID: 26128414)

Huang, Q. Zhang, M. Yue, N. Chen, T. SU-E-J-22: A Feasibility Study On KV-Based Whole Breast Radiation Patient Setup. Med Phys, 42:3268, . (PMID: 26127414)

Xu, Y. Tian, Z. Scanderbeg, D. Zhang, M. Yashar, C. Jiang, S. Jia, X. SU-E-T-401: Evaluation of TG-43 Dose Calculation Accuracy for SAVI-Based Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) Via Monte Carlo Simulations. Med Phys, 42:3426, . (PMID: 26128068)

Xiao, Z. Reyhan, M. Huang, Q. Zhang, M. Yue, N. Chen, T. SU-E-T-391: Evaluation of Image Parameters Impact On the CT Calibration Curve for Proton Therapy. Med Phys, 42:3423, . (PMID: 26128052)

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Zhang, M. Qin, S. Chen, T. Kim, S. Jabbour, S. Haffty, B. Yue, N. J. A Clinical Objective IMRT QA Method Based on Portal Dosimetry and Electronic Portal Imager Device (EPID) Measurement. Technol Cancer Res Treat, 12:145-150, . (PMID: 23289479)

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Qin, S. Zhang, M. Kim, S. Chen, T. Kim, L. H. Haffty, B. G. Yue, N. J. A systematic approach to statistical analysis in dosimetry and patient-specific IMRT plan verification measurements. Radiat Oncol, 8:225, . (PMID: 24074185, PMCID: PMC3852372)

Zhang, M. Flynn, R. T. Mo, X. Mackie, T. R. The energy margin strategy for reducing dose variation due to setup uncertainty in intensity modulated proton therapy (IMPT) delivered with distal edge tracking (DET). J Appl Clin Med Phys, 13:3863, . (PMID: 22955652)