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Archana Sharma, DO

Publications since 2011

Sharma, A. Sadimin, E. Drachtman, R. Glod, J. CNS lymphoma in a patient with Shwachman Diamond syndrome. Pediatr Blood Cancer, 61:564-566, . (PMID: 24307640)

Aiyer, S. Swapna, G. V. Malani, N. Aramini, J. M. Schneider, W. M. Plumb, M. R. Ghanem, M. Larue, R. C. Sharma, A. Studamire, B. Kvaratskhelia, M. Bushman, F. D. Montelione, G. T. Roth, M. J. Altering murine leukemia virus integration through disruption of the integrase and BET protein family interaction. Nucleic Acids Res, 42:5917-5928, . (PMID: 24623816, PMCID: PMC4027182)

Glod, J. Song, M. Sharma, A. Tyagi, R. Rhodes, R. H. Weissmann, D. J. Roychowdhury, S. Khan, A. Kane, M. P. Hirshfield, K. Ganesan, S. DiPaola, R. S. Rodriguez-Rodriguez, L. Next generation sequencing as an aid to diagnosis and treatment of an unusual pediatric brain cancer. J Pers Med, 4:402-411, . (PMID: 25563358)