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Laleh G. Melstrom, MD

Publications since 2011

Melstrom, L. G. Phillips, J. D. Bentrem, D. J. Wayne, J. D. Laparoscopic versus open resection of gastric gastrointestinal stromal tumors. Am J Clin Oncol, 35:451-454, . (PMID: 21552096)

Grippo, P. J. Fitchev, P. S. Bentrem, D. J. Melstrom, L. G. Dangi-Garimella, S. Krantz, S. B. Heiferman, M. J. Chung, C. Adrian, K. Cornwell, M. L. Flesche, J. B. Rao, S. M. Talamonti, M. S. Munshi, H. G. Crawford, S. E. Concurrent PEDF deficiency and Kras mutation induce invasive pancreatic cancer and adipose-rich stroma in mice. Gut, 61:1454-1464, . (PMID: 22234980)

Grippo, P. J. Venkatasubramanian, P. N. Knop, R. H. Heiferman, D. M. Iordanescu, G. Melstrom, L. G. Adrian, K. Barron, M. R. Bentrem, D. J. Wyrwicz, A. M. Visualization of mouse pancreas architecture using MR microscopy. Am J Pathol, 179:610-618, . (PMID: 21683673, PMCID: PMC3157257)

Cheon, E. C. Strouch, M. J. Barron, M. R. Ding, Y. Melstrom, L. G. Krantz, S. B. Mullapudi, B. Adrian, K. Rao, S. Adrian, T. E. Bentrem, D. J. Grippo, P. J. Alteration of strain background and a high omega-6 fat diet induces earlier onset of pancreatic neoplasia in EL-Kras transgenic mice. Int J Cancer, 128:2783-2792, . (PMID: 20725998, PMCID: PMC3061970)

Melstrom, L. G. Salabat, M. R. Ding, X. Z. Strouch, M. J. Grippo, P. J. Mirzoeva, S. Pelling, J. C. Bentrem, D. J. Apigenin down-regulates the hypoxia response genes: HIF-1alpha, GLUT-1, and VEGF in human pancreatic cancer cells. J Surg Res, 167:173-181, . (PMID: 21227456)

Strouch, M. J. Ding, Y. Salabat, M. R. Melstrom, L. G. Adrian, K. Quinn, C. Pelham, C. Rao, S. Adrian, T. E. Bentrem, D. J. Grippo, P. J. A high omega-3 fatty acid diet mitigates murine pancreatic precancer development. J Surg Res, 165:75-81, . (PMID: 19631339, PMCID: PMC2888718)