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Michael P. Matise, PhD

Publications since 2011

Misra, K. Luo, H. Li, S. Matise, M. Xiang, M. Asymmetric activation of Dll4-Notch signaling by Foxn4 and proneural factors activates BMP/TGFbeta signaling to specify V2b interneurons in the spinal cord. Development, 141:187-198, . (PMID: 24257627, PMCID: PMC3865758)

Matise, M. P. Molecular genetic control of cell patterning and fate determination in the developing ventral spinal cord. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Dev Biol, 2:419-425, . (PMID: 23799585)

Yu, K. McGlynn, S. Matise, M. P. Floor plate-derived sonic hedgehog regulates glial and ependymal cell fates in the developing spinal cord. Development, 140:1594-1604, . (PMID: 23482494, PMCID: PMC3596997)

Wang, H. Matise, M. P. Immunofluorescence staining with frozen mouse or chick embryonic tissue sections. Methods Mol Biol, 1018:175-188, . (PMID: 23681628)

Wang, H. Matise, M. P. In vivo dual luciferase reporter assay with chick neural tube in ovo electroporation system. Methods Mol Biol, 1018:211-217, . (PMID: 23681631)

Wang, H. Matise, M. P. In ovo electroporation in embryonic chick spinal cords. Methods Mol Biol, 1018:133-140, . (PMID: 23681624)

Wang, H. Lei, Q. Oosterveen, T. Ericson, J. Matise, M. P. Tcf/Lef repressors differentially regulate Shh-Gli target gene activation thresholds to generate progenitor patterning in the developing CNS. Development, 138:3711-3721, . (PMID: 21775418, PMCID: PMC3152926)

Jeong, Y. Dolson, D. K. Waclaw, R. R. Matise, M. P. Sussel, L. Campbell, K. Kaestner, K. H. Epstein, D. J. Spatial and temporal requirements for sonic hedgehog in the regulation of thalamic interneuron identity. Development, 138:531-541, . (PMID: 21205797, PMCID: PMC3014638)

Matise, M. P. Wang, H. Sonic hedgehog signaling in the developing CNS where it has been and where it is going. Curr Top Dev Biol, 97:75-117, . (PMID: 22074603)