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Christine M. Davis, PhD

Publications since 2011

Kuerbis, A. N. Schaumberg, K. Davis, C. M. Hail, L. Morgenstern, J. Unpacking Personalized Feedback: An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Its Components and the Reactions It Elicits Among Problem Drinking Men Who have Sex With Men. Subst Use Misuse, 49:383-394, . (PMID: 24090176)

Chen, A. C. Morgenstern, J. Davis, C. M. Kuerbis, A. N. Covault, J. Kranzler, H. R. Variation in Mu-Opioid Receptor Gene as a Moderator of Naltrexone Treatment to Reduce Heavy Drinking in a High Functioning Cohort. J Alcohol Drug Depend, 1:101, . (PMID: 24729984, PMCID: PMC3983993)

Clifford, P. R. Davis, C. M. Alcohol treatment research assessment exposure: a critical review of the literature. Psychol Addict Behav, 26:773-781, . (PMID: 22905899, PMCID: PMC3529752)