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Karen A. Schindler, PhD

Selected Publications

  1. Balboula AZ, and Schindler K. 2014. Selective Disruption of Aurora C Kinase Reveals Distinct Functions From Aurora B Kinase During Meiosis in Mouse Oocytes. PLoS Genetics 10 (2):e:1004194. *Featured in research highlight in Biology of Reproduction: Schubert C. 2014. Much Ado about Meiosis.  Biol Repro.
  2. Balboula AZ, Stein P, Schultz RM and Schindler K. 2014. Knockdown of RBBP7 unveils a requirement of histone deacetylation for CPC function in mouse oocytes. Cell Cycle. 13 (4): 600-11. * Featured in News and Views in Cell Cycle: De La Fuente R. 2014. Histone deacetylation: Establishing a meiotic histone code. Cell Cycle. 13 (6): 879-80.
  3. Oh JS, Susor A, Schindler K, Schultz RM, Conti M. 2013. Cdc25A activity is required for the metaphase II arrest in mouse oocytes. Journal of Cell Science. Epub Jan 23.
  4. Schindler K, Davydenko O, Fram B, Lampson MA, Schultz RM. 2012.  Maternally-recruited Aurora C kinase is more stable than Aurora B to support mouse oocyte maturation and early development. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. Epub: 1120517109v1-201120517.* Cover art issue 8/14/12
  5. Stein P and Schindler K.  Mouse oocyte microinjection, maturation and ploidy assessment. 2011.  Journal of Visualized Experiments. 53: pii 2851.
  6. Chiang T, Duncan FE, Schindler K, Schultz RM, Lampson MA. 2010. Weakened centromere cohesion is the primary cause of age-related aneuploidy in oocytes. Current Biology. 20:1522-8.
  7. Buffone MG,* Schindler K,* and Schultz RM.  2009.  Over-expression of CDC14B causes mitotic arrest and inhibits zygotic genome activation in mouse preimplantation embryos. Cell Cycle. 8: 3904-3914. * equal contribution
  8. Shuda K,* Schindler K,* Ma J, Schultz RM, and Donovan PJ. 2009. Aurora Kinase B modulates chromosome alignment in mouse oocytes. Molecular Reproduction and Development. 76: 1094-105. * equal contribution
  9. Schindler K, and Schultz RM. 2009. The CDC14A phosphatase regulates oocyte maturation in mouse. Cell Cycle. 8: 1-9.
  10. Schindler K, and Schultz RM. 2009.  CDC14B acts through FZR1 (CDH1) to prevent meiotic maturation of mouse oocytes. Biology of Reproduction. 80: 795-803.