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Henry C. Hsia, MD

Publications since 2011

Olekson, M. A. Faulknor, R. Bandekar, A. Sempkowski, M. Hsia, H. C. Berthiaume, F. SDF-1 Liposomes Promote Sustained Cell Proliferation in Mouse Diabetic Wounds. Wound Repair Regen, In process, . (PMID: 26110250)

Paik, A. M. Daniali, L. N. Lee, E. S. Hsia, H. C. Local anesthetic use in tumescent liposuction: an american society of plastic surgeons survey. Ann Plast Surg, 74:145-151, . (PMID: 25590254)

Hsia, H. C. Nair, M. R. Corbett, S. A. The fate of internalized alpha5 integrin is regulated by matrix-capable fibronectin. J Surg Res, 191:268-279, . (PMID: 25062814, PMCID: PMC4160403)

Paik, A. M. Daniali, L. N. Lee, E. S. Hsia, H. C. Local anesthetics in liposuction: considerations for new practice advisory guidelines to improve patient safety. Plast Reconstr Surg, 133:66e-67e, . (PMID: 24374696)

Desai, V. D. Hsia, H. C. Schwarzbauer, J. E. Reversible modulation of myofibroblast differentiation in adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells. PLoS One, 9:e86865, . (PMID: 24466271, PMCID: PMC3900664)

Hsia, H. C. Nair, M. R. Mintz, R. C. Corbett, S. A. The fiber diameter of synthetic bioresorbable extracellular matrix influences human fibroblast morphology and fibronectin matrix assembly. Plast Reconstr Surg, 127:2312-2320, . (PMID: 21617465, PMCID: PMC3103705)