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Katsunori Sugimoto, PhD

Publications since 2011

Ogi, H. Goto, G. H. Ghosh, A. Zencir, S. Henry, E. Sugimoto, K. Requirement of the FATC domain of protein kinase Tel1 for localization to DNA ends and target protein recognition. Mol Biol Cell, In process, . (PMID: 26246601)

Goto, G. H. Zencir, S. Hirano, Y. Ogi, H. Ivessa, A. Sugimoto, K. Binding of Multiple Rap1 Proteins Stimulates Chromosome Breakage Induction during DNA Replication. PLoS Genet, 11:e1005283, . (PMID: 26263073, PMCID: PMC4532487)

Bandhu, A. Kang, J. Fukunaga, K. Goto, G. Sugimoto, K. Ddc2 Mediates Mec1 Activation through a Ddc1- or Dpb11-Independent Mechanism. PLoS Genet, 10:e1004136, . (PMID: 24586187, PMCID: PMC3930518)

Fukunaga, K. Hirano, Y. Sugimoto, K. Subtelomere-binding protein Tbf1 and telomere-binding protein Rap1 collaborate to inhibit localization of the Mre11 complex to DNA ends in budding yeast. Mol Biol Cell, 23:347-359, . (PMID: 22130795, PMCID: PMC3258178)

Fukunaga, K. Kwon, Y. Sung, P. Sugimoto, K. Activation of protein kinase Tel1 through recognition of protein-bound DNA ends. Mol Cell Biol, 31:1959-1971, . (PMID: 21402778, PMCID: PMC3133365)