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Howard Leventhal, PhD

Publications since 2011

McAndrew, L. M. Mora, P. A. Quigley, K. S. Leventhal, E. A. Leventhal, H. Using the Common Sense Model of Self-Regulation to Understand the Relationship Between Symptom Reporting and Trait Negative Affect. Int J Behav Med, 21:989-994, . (PMID: 24402774)

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Phillips, L. A. Leventhal, H. Leventhal, E. A. Physicians' communication of the common-sense self-regulation model results in greater reported adherence than physicians' use of interpersonal skills. Br J Health Psychol, 17:244-257, . (PMID: 22107169)

Fraenkel, L. Falzer, P. Fried, T. Kohler, M. Peters, E. Kerns, R. Leventhal, H. Measuring pain impact versus pain severity using a numeric rating scale. J Gen Intern Med, 27:555-560, . (PMID: 22081365, PMCID: PMC3326111)

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