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Michael P. Verzi, PhD

Publications since 2011

Verzi, M. P. Shin, H. San Roman, A. K. Liu, X. S. Shivdasani, R. A. Erratum for Verzi et al., Intestinal Master Transcription Factor CDX2 Controls Chromatin Access for Partner Transcription Factor Binding. Mol Cell Biol, 35:496, . (PMID: 25535405)

San Roman, A. K. Aronson, B. E. Krasinski, S. D. Shivdasani, R. A. Verzi, M. P. Transcription Factors GATA4 and HNF4A Control Distinct Aspects of Intestinal Homeostasis in Conjunction With the Transcription Factor CDX2. J Biol Chem, In process, . (PMID: 25488664)

Sakamori, R. Yu, S. Zhang, X. Hoffman, A. Sun, J. Das, S. Vedula, P. Li, G. Fu, J. Walker, F. Yang, C. S. Yi, Z. Hsu, W. Yu, D. H. Shen, L. Rodriguez, A. J. Taketo, M. M. Bonder, E. M. Verzi, M. P. Gao, N. CDC42 inhibition suppresses progression of incipient intestinal tumors. Cancer Res, 74:5480-5492, . (PMID: 25113996, PMCID: PMC4184946)

Yang, A. Y. Lee, J. H. Shu, L. Zhang, C. Su, Z. Y. Lu, Y. Huang, M. T. Ramirez, C. Pung, D. Huang, Y. Verzi, M. Hart, R. P. Kong, A. N. Genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation in UVB- and DMBA/TPA-induced mouse skin cancer models. Life Sci, 113:45-54, . (PMID: 25093921)

Chahar, S. Gandhi, V. Yu, S. Desai, K. Cowper-Sal Lari, R. Kim, Y. Perekatt, A. O. Kumar, N. Thackray, J. K. Musolf, A. Kumar, N. Hoffman, A. Londono, D. Vazquez, B. N. Serrano, L. Shin, H. Lupien, M. Gao, N. Verzi, M. P. Chromatin Profiling Reveals Regulatory Network Shifts and a Protective Role for HNF4A during Colitis. Mol Cell Biol, 34:3291-3304, . (PMID: 24980432, PMCID: PMC4135557)

Perekatt, A. O. Valdez, M. J. Davila, M. Hoffman, A. Bonder, E. M. Gao, N. Verzi, M. P. YY1 is indispensable for Lgr5+ intestinal stem cell renewal. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 111:7695-7700, . (PMID: 24821761, PMCID: PMC4040551)

Aronson, B. E. Rabello Aronson, S. Berkhout, R. P. Chavoushi, S. F. He, A. Pu, W. T. Verzi, M. P. Krasinski, S. D. GATA4 represses an ileal program of gene expression in the proximal small intestine by inhibiting the acetylation of histone H3, lysine 27. Biochim Biophys Acta, In process, . (PMID: 24878542)

Kim, T. H. Li, F. Ferreiro-Neira, I. Ho, L. L. Luyten, A. Nalapareddy, K. Long, H. Verzi, M. Shivdasani, R. A. Broadly permissive intestinal chromatin underlies lateral inhibition and cell plasticity. Nature, 506:511-515, . (PMID: 24413398, PMCID: PMC4151315)

Ho, L. L. Sinha, A. Verzi, M. Bernt, K. M. Armstrong, S. A. Shivdasani, R. A. DOT1L-mediated H3K79 methylation in chromatin is dispensable for Wnt pathway-specific and other intestinal epithelial functions. Mol Cell Biol, 33:1735-1745, . (PMID: 23428873, PMCID: PMC3624170)

Verzi, M. P. Shin, H. San Roman, A. K. Liu, X. S. Shivdasani, R. A. Intestinal master transcription factor CDX2 controls chromatin access for partner transcription factor binding. Mol Cell Biol, 33:281-292, . (PMID: 23129810, PMCID: PMC3554120)

Beuling, E. Aronson, B. E. Tran, L. M. Stapleton, K. A. Ter Horst, E. N. Vissers, L. A. Verzi, M. P. Krasinski, S. D. GATA6 Is Required for Proliferation, Migration, Secretory Cell Maturation, and Gene Expression in the Mature Mouse Colon. Mol Cell Biol, 32:3392-3402, . (PMID: 22733991, PMCID: PMC3422006)

Agarwal, P. Verzi, M. P. Nguyen, T. Hu, J. Ehlers, M. L. McCulley, D. J. Xu, S. M. Dodou, E. Anderson, J. P. Wei, M. L. Black, B. L. The MADS box transcription factor MEF2C regulates melanocyte development and is a direct transcriptional target and partner of SOX10. Development, 138:2555-2565, . (PMID: 21610032, PMCID: PMC3100711)

Verzi, M. P. Shin, H. Ho, L. L. Liu, X. S. Shivdasani, R. A. Essential and redundant functions of caudal family proteins in activating adult intestinal genes. Mol Cell Biol, 31:2026-2039, . (PMID: 21402776, PMCID: PMC3133364)