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Manisha Bajpai, PhD

Selected Publications

Manisha Bajpai, Rachel Kessel, Tushar Bhagat, Sangeeta Nischal, Yiting Yu, Amit Verma, Kiron Das. High resolution integrative analysis reveals widespread genetic and epigenetic changes after chronic in-vitro acid and bile exposure in Barrett’s epithelium cells, Genes Chromosomes and Cancer 2013 Dec;52(12):1123-32.

Bajpai M, Aviv H, Das KM. Prolonged exposure to acid and bile induces chromosome abnormalities that precede malignant transformation of benign Barrett's epithelium. MolCytogenet. 2012 Nov 29;5(1):43.

Das KM, Kong Y, Bajpai M, Kulkarni D, Geng X, Mishra P, Banerjee D, Hirshfield K. Transformation of benign barrett's epithelium by repeated acid and bile exposure over 65 weeks: A novel in-vitro model. Int J Cancer. 2011; 128:274-282.

Koushik K. Das, Manisha Bajpai, Hao Xia, and Kiron M. Das. Mesalamine Suppresses the Expression of a Novel Tropomyosin Isoform, TC22, Associated with Colonic Neoplasia. Molecular Pharmacology 2009; 76(1):183-191.

Ellen C Ebert, Xin Geng, Manisha Bajpai, Zui Pan, Eric Tatar, Kiron M Das. Antibody to tropomyosin isoform 5 and complement induce the lysis of colonocytes in ulcerative colitis. .

Ebert EC, Panja A, Das KM, Praveen R, Geng X, Rezac C, Bajpai M.Patients with inflammatory bowel disease may have a transforming growth factor-beta-, interleukin (IL)-2- or IL-10-deficient state induced by intrinsic neutralizing antibodies. Clin Exp Immunol. 2009 Jan; 155 (1):65-71.

Bajpai, Jianying Liu, Xin Geng, Rhonda F Souza, Peter S Amenta and Kiron M Das. HeterogeneityofTelomeraseImmortalizedBenignBarrett’sCells:SelectiveResponse of Columnar Cells to Colonic Phenotype on Repeated Exposure to Acid and Bile. Lab Investigation 2008 Jun;88(6):643-51.

Bajpai, M. and Chaudhury, S. Positive and negative thyroid response elements involved in the expression of Na-K-ATPase a3 gene. Molecular Biology Reports (2001) 28, 1-7.

Bajpai M. and Chaudhury S. Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of Na- ATPase alpha isoforms during rat brain development. NeuroReport (1999) 10, 2325-2328.

Chaudhury S., Bajpai M. Bhattacharya S. Differential effects of hypothyroidism on the Na- K-ATPase alpha isoforms in the developing rat brain. Molecular Neuroscience (1996) 7, 229-234.


Invited Reviews:

Barrett's esophagus: cancer and molecular biology. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2013 Oct; 1300:296-314.

Cellular origins and molecular mechanisms of Barrett's esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2013 Oct; 1300:187-99.

Barrett's esophagus: histology and immunohistology. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2011 Sep; 1232:76-92.

Barrett's esophagus: genetic and cell changes. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2011 Sep; 1232:18-35.

Tropomyosins in human diseases: ulcerative colitis. Adv Exp Med  Biol.;644:158-67, 2008.