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Utz Herbig, PhD

Publications since 2011

Hansen, M. E. Hunt, S. C. Stone, R. C. Horvath, K. Herbig, U. Ranciaro, A. Hirbo, J. Beggs, W. Reiner, A. P. Wilson, J. G. Kimura, M. De Vivo, I. Chen, M. M. Kark, J. D. Levy, D. Nyambo, T. Tishkoff, S. A. Aviv, A. Shorter Telomere Length in Europeans than in Africans due to Polygenetic Adaptation. Hum Mol Genet, In process, . (PMID: 26936823)

Boccardi, V. Razdan, N. Kaplunov, J. Mundra, J. J. Kimura, M. Aviv, A. Herbig, U. Stn1 is critical for telomere maintenance and long-term viability of somatic human cells. Aging Cell, 14:372-381, . (PMID: 25684230, PMCID: PMC4406666)

Mangino, M. Christiansen, L. Stone, R. Hunt, S. C. Horvath, K. Eisenberg, D. T. Kimura, M. Petersen, I. Kark, J. D. Herbig, U. Reiner, A. P. Benetos, A. Codd, V. Nyholt, D. R. Sinnreich, R. Christensen, K. Nassar, H. Hwang, S. J. Levy, D. Bataille, V. Fitzpatrick, A. L. Chen, W. Berenson, G. S. Samani, N. J. Martin, N. G. Tishkoff, S. Schork, N. J. Kyvik, K. O. Dalgard, C. Spector, T. D. Aviv, A. DCAF4, a novel gene associated with leucocyte telomere length. J Med Genet, In process, . (PMID: 25624462)

Suram, A. Herbig, U. The replicometer is broken: telomeres activate cellular senescence in response to genotoxic stresses. Aging Cell, 13:780-786, . (PMID: 25040628)

Rossiello, F. Herbig, U. Longhese, M. P. Fumagalli, M. d'Adda di Fagagna, F. Irreparable telomeric DNA damage and persistent DDR signalling as a shared causative mechanism of cellular senescence and ageing. Curr Opin Genet Dev, In process, . (PMID: 25104620, PMCID: PMC4217147)

Benetos, A. Kark, J. D. Susser, E. Kimura, M. Sinnreich, R. Chen, W. Steenstrup, T. Christensen, K. Herbig, U. von Bornemann Hjelmborg, J. Srinivasan, S. R. Berenson, G. S. Labat, C. Aviv, A. Tracking and fixed ranking of leukocyte telomere length across the adult life course. Aging Cell, 12:615-621, . (PMID: 23601089)

Zhang, P. Herbig, U. Coffman, F. Lambert, M. W. Non-erythroid alpha spectrin prevents telomere dysfunction after DNA interstrand cross-link damage. Nucleic Acids Res, 41:5321-5340, . (PMID: 23571757, PMCID: PMC3664817)

Boccardi, V. Herbig, U. Telomerase gene therapy: a novel approach to combat aging. EMBO Mol Med, 4:685-687, . (PMID: 22585424, PMCID: PMC3494068)

Suram, A. Kaplunov, J. Patel, P. L. Ruan, H. Cerutti, A. Boccardi, V. Fumagalli, M. Di Micco, R. Mirani, N. Gurung, R. L. Hande, M. P. d'Adda di Fagagna, F. Herbig, U. Oncogene-induced telomere dysfunction enforces cellular senescence in human cancer precursor lesions. EMBO J, 31:2839-2851, . (PMID: 22569128, PMCID: PMC3395091)

Fumagalli, M. Rossiello, F. Clerici, M. Barozzi, S. Cittaro, D. Kaplunov, J. M. Bucci, G. Dobreva, M. Matti, V. Beausejour, C. M. Herbig, U. Longhese, M. P. d'Adda di Fagagna, F. Telomeric DNA damage is irreparable and causes persistent DNA-damage-response activation. Nat Cell Biol, 14:355-365, . (PMID: 22426077)

Benhamed, M. Herbig, U. Ye, T. Dejean, A. Bischof, O. Senescence is an endogenous trigger for microRNA-directed transcriptional gene silencing in human cells. Nat Cell Biol, 14:266-275, . (PMID: 22366686)

Granick, M. Kimura, M. Kim, S. Daniali, L. Cao, X. Herbig, U. Aviv, A. Telomere dynamics in keloids. Eplasty, 11:e15, . (PMID: 21436892, PMCID: PMC3060056)