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Yana Bromberg, PhD

Publications since 2011

Bruse, S. Moreau, M. Bromberg, Y. Jang, J. H. Wang, N. Ha, H. Picchi, M. Lin, Y. Langley, R. J. Qualls, C. Klensney-Tait, J. Zabner, J. Leng, S. Mao, J. Belinsky, S. A. Xing, J. Nyunoya, T. Whole exome sequencing identifies novel candidate genes that modify chronic obstructive pulmonary disease susceptibility. Hum Genomics, 10:1, . (PMID: 26744305, PMCID: PMC4705629)

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Bromberg, Y. Capriotti, E. VarI-SIG 2014--From SNPs to variants: interpreting different types of genetic variants. BMC Genomics, 16 Suppl 8:I1, . (PMID: 26110281, PMCID: PMC4480323)

Bromberg, Y. Capriotti, E. SNP-SIG 2013: the state of the art of genomic variant interpretation. Bioinformatics, In process, . (PMID: 25015991)

Yachdav, G. Kloppmann, E. Kajan, L. Hecht, M. Goldberg, T. Hamp, T. Honigschmid, P. Schafferhans, A. Roos, M. Bernhofer, M. Richter, L. Ashkenazy, H. Punta, M. Schlessinger, A. Bromberg, Y. Schneider, R. Vriend, G. Sander, C. Ben-Tal, N. Rost, B. PredictProtein-an open resource for online prediction of protein structural and functional features. Nucleic Acids Res, 42:W337-W343, . (PMID: 24799431)

Harel, A. Bromberg, Y. Falkowski, P. G. Bhattacharya, D. Evolutionary history of redox metal-binding domains across the tree of life. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 111:7042-7047, . (PMID: 24778258, PMCID: PMC4024910)

Senn, S. Nanda, V. Falkowski, P. Bromberg, Y. Function-based assessment of structural similarity measurements using metal co-factor orientation. Proteins, 82:648-656, . (PMID: 24127252)

Bromberg, Y. Capriotti, E. SNP-SIG 2013: from coding to non-coding - new approaches for genomic variant interpretation. BMC Genomics, 15 Suppl 4:S1, . (PMID: 25056427, PMCID: PMC4083406)

Bromberg, Y. Kahn, P. C. Rost, B. Neutral and weakly nonneutral sequence variants may define individuality. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110:14255-14260, . (PMID: 23940345, PMCID: PMC3761624)

Bromberg, Y. Building a Genome Analysis Pipeline to Predict Disease Risk and Prevent Disease. J Mol Biol, In process, . (PMID: 23928561)

Bromberg, Y. Chapter 15: disease gene prioritization. PLoS Comput Biol, 9:e1002902, . (PMID: 23633938, PMCID: PMC3635969)

Ren, X. Graham, J. C. Jing, L. Mikheev, A. M. Gao, Y. Lew, J. P. Xie, H. Kim, A. S. Shang, X. Friedman, C. Vail, G. Fang, M. Z. Bromberg, Y. Zarbl, H. Mapping of Mcs30, a New Mammary Carcinoma Susceptibility Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL30) on Rat Chromosome 12: Identification of Fry as a Candidate Mcs Gene. PLoS One, 8:e70930, . (PMID: 24023717, PMCID: PMC3759375)

Bromberg, Y. Capriotti, E. Thoughts from SNP-SIG 2012: future challenges in the annotation of genetic variations. BMC Genomics, 14 Suppl 3:S1, . (PMID: 23819751, PMCID: PMC3665538)

Rawat, S. R. Mannisto, M. K. Bromberg, Y. Haggblom, M. M. Comparative genomic and physiological analysis provides insights into the role of Acidobacteria in organic carbon utilization in Arctic tundra soils. FEMS Microbiol Ecol, 82:341-355, . (PMID: 22486608)

Harel, A. Falkowski, P. Bromberg, Y. TrAnsFuSE refines the search for protein function: oxidoreductases. Integr Biol (Camb), 4:765-777, . (PMID: 22481248)

Bromberg, Y. Capriotti, E. SNP-SIG Meeting 2011: Identification and annotation of SNPs in the context of structure, function, and disease. BMC Genomics, 13 Suppl 4:S1, . (PMID: 22759647, PMCID: PMC3395891)