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John J. Graff, PhD, MS

Selected Publications

Graff, J.J., Sathiakumar, N., Macaluso, M., Maldonado, G., Matthews, R., Delzell, E. The effect of uncertainty in exposure estimation on the exposure-response relation between 1,3-butadiene and leukemia. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2009;6(9):2436-2455.

Morrow, M., Jagsi, R., Alderman, A., Griggs, J.J., Hawley, S.T., Hamilton, A.S., Graff, J.J., Katz, S.J. Surgeon recommendation and receipt of mastectomy for breast cancer. JAMA 2009;302(14):1551-1556.

Janz, N.K., Mujahid, M.S., Hawley, S.T., Griggs, J.J., Alderman, A., Graff, J.J., Jagsi, R., Katz, S.J. Racial/ethnic differences in quality of life after diagnosis of breast cancer. J Cancer Surv 2009;3(4):212-22.

Katz, S.J., Hawley, S.T., Morrow, M., Griggs, J.J., Jagsi, R., Hamilton, A.S., Graff, J.J., Friese, C.R., Hofer, T.P. Coordinating cancer care: patient and practice management processes among surgeons who treat breast cancer.  Medical Care 2010;48(1):45-51.

Jagsi, R., Abrahamse, P., Morrow, M., Hawley, S.T., Griggs, J.J., Graff, J.J., Hamilton, A.S., Katz, S.J. Patterns and correlates of adjuvant radiotherapy receipt after lumpectomy and after mastectomy for breast cancer. J Clinical Oncology 2010;28(14):2396-2403.

Katz, S.J., Hawley, S.T., Abrahamse, M.A., Morrow, M., Friese, C.R., Alderman, A.K., Griggs, J.J., Hamilton, A.S., Graff, J.J., Hofer, T.P. Does it matter where you go for breast surgery? Attending surgeon’s influence on variation in receipt of mastectomy for breast cancer.  Medical Care 2010;48(10):1-8.

Hawley, S.T., Janz, N.K., Lillie, S.E., Friese, C.R., Griggs, J.J., Graff, J.J., Hamilton, A.S., Jain, S., Katz, S.J. Perceptions of care coordination in a population based sample of diverse breast cancer patients. Patient Educ Couns 2010; Suppl:S34-40.

Nahleh, Z., Abrams, J., Bhargaval, J., Nirmal, K., Graff, J.J. Outcomes of patients with early breast cancer receiving nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates: a comparative analysis of the metropolitan Detroit caner surveillance system. Clin Breast Cancer 2010;10(6):459-64.

Janz, N.K., Hawley, S.T., Mujahid, M.S., Griggs, J.J., Alderman, A.K., Graff, J.J., Hamilton, A.S., Katz, S.J. Correlates of worry about recurrence in a multi-ethnic population-based sample of women with breast cancer. Cancer 2011;9:1827-36.

Jagsi, R., Abrahamse, P., Morrow, M., Hamilton, A.S., Graff, J.J., Katz, S.J. Coordination of breast cancer care between radiation oncologists and surgeons: a survey study. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2012;82(5):2072-78.

Jagsi, R., Abrahamse, P., Hawley, S.T., Graff, J.J., Hamilton, A.S., Katz, S.J. Underascertainment of radiotherapy receipt in Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results registry data. Cancer 2012;118(2):331-41.

Griggs, J.J., Hawley, S.T., Graff, J.J., Hamilton, A.S., Jagsi, R., Janz, N.K., Mujahid, M.S., Friese, C.R., Salem, B., Abrahamse, P., Katz, S.J. Factors associated with receipt of breast cancer adjuvant chemotherapy in a diverse population-based sample. J Clinical Oncology 2012;30(25):3058-64.

Hawley, S.T., Lillie, S.E., Morris, A., Graff, J.J., Hamilton, A.S., Katz, S.J. Surgeon-level variation in patients’ appraisals of their breast cancer treatment experiences. Ann Surg Oncol 2012; Oct 6, Epub ahead of print.