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Robert H. Austin, PhD

Publications since 2011

Wu, A. Liao, D. Austin, R. Evolutionary game theory in cancer: first steps in prediction of metastatic cancer progression? Future Oncol, 11:881-883, . (PMID: 25760966)

Bos, J. Zhang, Q. Vyawahare, S. Rogers, E. Rosenberg, S. M. Austin, R. H. Emergence of antibiotic resistance from multinucleated bacterial filaments. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, In process, . (PMID: 25492931)

Sturm, J. C. Cox, E. C. Comella, B. Austin, R. H. Ratchets in hydrodynamic flow: more than waterwheels. Interface Focus, 4:20140054, . (PMID: 25485086, PMCID: PMC4213451)

Austin, R. H. Rejoice in the hubris: useful things biologists could do for physicists. Phys Biol, 11:053015, . (PMID: 25292219)

Kessler, D. A. Austin, R. H. Levine, H. Resistance to Chemotherapy: Patient Variability and Cellular Heterogeneity. Cancer Res, 74:4663-4670, . (PMID: 25183790)

Zhang, Q. Bos, J. Tarnopolskiy, G. Sturm, J. C. Kim, H. Pourmand, N. Austin, R. H. You cannot tell a book by looking at the cover: Cryptic complexity in bacterial evolution. Biomicrofluidics, 8:052004, . (PMID: 25332728, PMCID: PMC4189396)

Lambert, G. Vyawahare, S. Austin, R. H. Bacteria and game theory: the rise and fall of cooperation in spatially heterogeneous environments. Interface Focus, 4:20140029, . (PMID: 25097750, PMCID: PMC4071512)

Wu, A. Liao, D. Tlsty, T. D. Sturm, J. C. Austin, R. H. Game theory in the death galaxy: interaction of cancer and stromal cells in tumour microenvironment. Interface Focus, 4:20140028, . (PMID: 25097749, PMCID: PMC4071511)

Vyawahare, S. Zhang, Q. Lau, A. Austin, R. H. In vitro microbial culture models and their application in drug development. Adv Drug Deliv Rev, 69-70:217-224, . (PMID: 24566269)

Wu, A. Loutherback, K. Lambert, G. Estevez-Salmeron, L. Tlsty, T. D. Austin, R. H. Sturm, J. C. Cell motility and drug gradients in the emergence of resistance to chemotherapy. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110:16103-16108, . (PMID: 24046372, PMCID: PMC3791735)

Austin, R. Towards a modern view of the dynamic genome: comment on "How life changes itself: The Read-Write (RW) genome" by James Shapiro. Phys Life Rev, 10:324-325, . (PMID: 23871430)


Liu, L. Duclos, G. Sun, B. Lee, J. Wu, A. Kam, Y. Sontag, E. D. Stone, H. A. Sturm, J. C. Gatenby, R. A. Austin, R. H. Minimization of thermodynamic costs in cancer cell invasion. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110:1686-1691, . (PMID: 23319630, PMCID: PMC3562811)

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Zhang, Q. Lambert, G. Liao, D. Kim, H. Robin, K. Tung, C. K. Pourmand, N. Austin, R. H. Acceleration of emergence of bacterial antibiotic resistance in connected microenvironments. Science, 333:1764-1767, . (PMID: 21940899)

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Austin, R. H. Modularity: Comment on "The emergence of modularity in biological systems" by Michael W. Deem. Phys Life Rev, 8:165-6; discussion 167, . (PMID: 21659009)

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Liu, L. Sun, B. Pedersen, J. N. Aw Yong, K. M. Getzenberg, R. H. Stone, H. A. Austin, R. H. From the Cover: Probing the invasiveness of prostate cancer cells in a 3D microfabricated landscape. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 108:6853-6856, . (PMID: 21474778, PMCID: PMC3084062)

Lambert, G. Liao, D. Vyawahare, S. Austin, R. H. Anomalous Spatial Redistribution of Competing Bacteria under Starvation Conditions. J Bacteriol, 193:1878-1883, . (PMID: 21317322, PMCID: PMC3133049)