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Lauren M. Aleksunes, PharmD, PhD, DABT

Publications since 2011

Wen, X. Thorne, G. Hu, L. Joy, M. S. Aleksunes, L. M. Activation of NRF2 Signaling in HEK293 Cells by a First-in-Class Direct KEAP1-NRF2 Inhibitor. J Biochem Mol Toxicol, In process, . (PMID: 25683455)

Oshida, K. Vasani, N. Thomas, R. S. Applegate, D. Rosen, M. Abbott, B. Lau, C. Guo, G. Aleksunes, L. M. Klaassen, C. Corton, J. C. Identification of Modulators of the Nuclear Receptor Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor alpha (PPARalpha) in a Mouse Liver Gene Expression Compendium. PLoS One, 10:e0112655, . (PMID: 25689681, PMCID: PMC4331523)

Rudraiah, S. Moscovitz, J. E. Donepudi, A. C. Campion, S. N. Slitt, A. L. Aleksunes, L. M. Manautou, J. E. Differential Fmo3 gene expression in various liver injury models involving hepatic oxidative stress in mice. Toxicology, 325:85-95, . (PMID: 25193093)

Wen, X. Gibson, C. J. Yang, I. Buckley, B. Goedken, M. J. Richardson, J. R. Aleksunes, L. M. MDR1 Transporter Protects Against Paraquat-Induced Toxicity in Human and Mouse Proximal Tubule Cells. Toxicol Sci, 141:475-483, . (PMID: 25015657)

Kong, B. Huang, J. Zhu, Y. Li, G. Williams, J. A. Shen, S. Aleksunes, L. M. Richardson, J. R. Apte, U. Rudnick, D. A. Guo, G. L. Fibroblast Growth Factor 15 Deficiency Impairs Liver Regeneration in Mice. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol, 306:G893-G902, . (PMID: 24699334, PMCID: PMC4024724)

Wen, X. Buckley, B. McCandlish, E. Goedken, M. J. Syed, S. Pelis, R. Manautou, J. E. Aleksunes, L. M. Transgenic Expression of the Human MRP2 Transporter Reduces Cisplatin Accumulation and Nephrotoxicity in Mrp2-Null Mice. Am J Pathol, 184:1299-1308, . (PMID: 24641901, PMCID: PMC4005989)

Memon, N. Bircsak, K. M. Archer, F. Gibson, C. J. Ohman-Strickland, P. Weinberger, B. I. Parast, M. M. Vetrano, A. M. Aleksunes, L. M. Regional Expression of the BCRP/ABCG2 Transporter in Term Human Placentas. Reprod Toxicol, 43:72-77, . (PMID: 24269555, PMCID: PMC3946646)

O'Connor, M. A. Koza-Taylor, P. Campion, S. N. Aleksunes, L. M. Gu, X. Enayetallah, A. E. Lawton, M. P. Manautou, J. E. Analysis of changes in hepatic gene expression in a murine model of tolerance to acetaminophen hepatotoxicity (autoprotection). Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, 274:156-167, . (PMID: 24126418, PMCID: PMC3901410)

Aleksunes, L. M. Xu, J. Lin, E. Wen, X. Goedken, M. J. Slitt, A. L. Pregnancy Represses Induction of Efflux Transporters in Livers of Type I Diabetic Mice. Pharm Res, 30:2209-2220, . (PMID: 23319174, PMCID: PMC3644534)

Eldasher, L. M. Wen, X. Little, M. S. Bircsak, K. M. Yacovino, L. L. Aleksunes, L. M. Hepatic and renal Bcrp transporter expression in mice treated with perfluorooctanoic acid. Toxicology, 306:108-113, . (PMID: 23435180, PMCID: PMC3645321)

Ahmed, M. S. Aleksunes, L. M. Boeuf, P. Chung, M. K. Daoud, G. Desoye, G. Diaz, P. Golos, T. G. Illsley, N. P. Kikuchi, K. Komatsu, R. Lao, T. Morales-Prieto, D. M. Nanovskaya, T. Nobuzane, T. Roberts, C. T. Saffery, R. Tamura, I. Tamura, K. Than, N. G. Tomi, M. Umbers, A. Wang, B. Weedon-Fekjaer, S. Yamada, S. Yamazaki, K. Yoshie, M. Lash, G. E. IFPA Meeting 2012 Workshop Report II: Epigenetics and imprinting in the placenta, growth factors and villous trophoblast differentiation, role of the placenta in regulating fetal exposure to xenobiotics during pregnancy, infection and the placenta. Placenta, 34 Suppl:S6-10, . (PMID: 23253784)

Yacovino, L. L. Gibson, C. J. Aleksunes, L. M. Down-Regulation of Brush Border Efflux Transporter Expression in the Kidneys of Pregnant Mice. Drug Metab Dispos, 41:320-325, . (PMID: 22896729)

Bircsak, K. M. Richardson, J. R. Aleksunes, L. M. Inhibition of Human MDR1 and BCRP Transporter ATPase Activity by Organochlorine and Pyrethroid Insecticides. J Biochem Mol Toxicol, 27:157-164, . (PMID: 23169446)

Fortin, M. C. Aleksunes, L. M. Richardson, J. R. Alteration of the expression of pesticide-metabolizing enzymes in pregnant mice: potential role in the increased vulnerability of the developing brain. Drug Metab Dispos, 41:326-331, . (PMID: 23223497, PMCID: PMC3558862)

Armstrong, L. E. Driscoll, M. V. Donepudi, A. C. Xu, J. Baker, A. Aleksunes, L. M. Richardson, J. R. Slitt, A. L. Effects of developmental deltamethrin exposure on white adipose tissue gene expression. J Biochem Mol Toxicol, 27:165-171, . (PMID: 23401056)

Zhu, Y. Li, G. Dong, Y. Zhou, H. H. Kong, B. Aleksunes, L. M. Richardson, J. R. Li, F. Guo, G. L. Modulation of farnesoid X receptor results in post-translational modification of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 in the liver. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, 266:260-266, . (PMID: 23178280, PMCID: PMC3774161)

Wen, X. Donepudi, A. C. Thomas, P. E. Slitt, A. L. King, R. S. Aleksunes, L. M. Regulation of hepatic phase-II metabolism in pregnant mice. J Pharmacol Exp Ther, 344:244-252, . (PMID: 23055538, PMCID: PMC3533409)

Moscovitz, J. E. Aleksunes, L. M. Establishment of metabolism and transport pathways in the rodent and human fetal liver. Int J Mol Sci, 14:23801-23827, . (PMID: 24322441, PMCID: PMC3876079)

Bircsak, K. M. Gibson, C. J. Robey, R. W. Aleksunes, L. M. Assessment of drug transporter function using fluorescent cell imaging. Curr Protoc Toxicol, 57:Unit 23.6., . (PMID: 24510579, PMCID: PMC3920305)

Gibson, C. J. Hossain, M. Richardson, J. R. Aleksunes, L. M. Inflammatory Regulation of ABC Efflux Transporter Expression and Function in Microglia. J Pharmacol Exp Ther, 343:650-660, . (PMID: 22942241, PMCID: PMC3500534)

Aleksunes, L. M. Yeager, R. L. Wen, X. Cui, J. Y. Klaassen, C. D. Repression of Hepatobiliary Transporters and Differential Regulation of Classic and Alternative Bile Acid Pathways in Mice During Pregnancy. Toxicol Sci, 130:257-268, . (PMID: 22903823, PMCID: PMC3498745)

Yacovino, L. L. Aleksunes, L. M. Endocrine and metabolic regulation of renal drug transporters. J Biochem Mol Toxicol, 26:407-421, . (PMID: 22933250, PMCID: PMC3477262)

Aleksunes, L. M. Klaassen, C. D. Coordinated regulation of hepatic phase I and II drug-metabolizing genes and transporters using AhR-, CAR-, PXR-, PPARalpha-, and Nrf2-null mice. Drug Metab Dispos, 40:1366-1379, . (PMID: 22496397, PMCID: PMC3382842)

Yacovino, L. L. Aleksunes, L. M. Renal efflux transporter expression in pregnant mice with Type I diabetes. Toxicol Lett, 211:304-311, . (PMID: 22531820, PMCID: PMC3370395)

Kong, B. Csanaky, I. L. Aleksunes, L. M. Patni, M. Chen, Q. Ma, X. Jaeschke, H. Weir, S. Broward, M. Klaassen, C. D. Guo, G. L. Gender-specific reduction of hepatic Mrp2 expression by high-fat diet protects female mice from ANIT toxicity. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, 261:189-195, . (PMID: 22521610, PMCID: PMC3371772)

Zhang, Y. Cheng, X. Aleksunes, L. Klaassen, C. D. Transcription factor-mediated regulation of carboxylesterase enzymes in livers of mice. Drug Metab Dispos, 40:1191-1197, . (PMID: 22429928, PMCID: PMC3362786)

Cui, J. Y. Aleksunes, L. M. Tanaka, Y. Fu, Z. D. Guo, Y. Guo, G. L. Lu, H. Zhong, X. B. Klaassen, C. D. Bile acids via FXR initiate the expression of major transporters involved in the enterohepatic circulation of bile acids in newborn mice. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol, 302:G979-G996, . (PMID: 22268101, PMCID: PMC3362079)

Donepudi, A. C. Aleksunes, L. M. Driscoll, M. V. Seeram, N. P. Slitt, A. L. The traditional ayurvedic medicine, Eugenia jambolana (Jamun fruit), decreases liver inflammation, injury and fibrosis during cholestasis. Liver Int, 32:560-573, . (PMID: 22212619, PMCID: PMC3299847)

Cheng, Y. Vapurcuyan, A. Shahidullah, M. Aleksunes, L. M. Pelis, R. M. Expression of organic anion transporter 2 in the human kidney and its potential role in the tubular secretion of guanine-containing antiviral drugs. Drug Metab Dispos, 40:617-624, . (PMID: 22190696)

More, V. R. Wen, X. Thomas, P. E. Aleksunes, L. M. Slitt, A. L. Severe diabetes and leptin resistance cause differential hepatic and renal transporter expression in mice. Comp Hepatol, 11:1, . (PMID: 22524730, PMCID: PMC3416584)

Cheng, Q. Taguchi, K. Aleksunes, L. M. Manautou, J. E. Cherrington, N. J. Yamamoto, M. Slitt, A. L. Constitutive activation of nuclear factor-E2-related factor 2 induces biotransformation enzyme and transporter expression in livers of mice with hepatocyte-specific deletion of Kelch-like ECH-associated protein 1. J Biochem Mol Toxicol, 25:320-329, . (PMID: 21538727)