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Mingzhu Fang, PhD

Publications since 2011

Fang, M. Z. Ohman-Strickland, P. Kelly-McNeil, K. Kipen, H. Crabtree, B. F. Lew, J. P. Zarbl, H. Sleep interruption associated with house staff work schedules alters circadian gene expression. Sleep Med, 16:1388-1394, . (PMID: 26498241, PMCID: PMC4621493)

Fang, M. Guo, W. R. Park, Y. Kang, H. G. Zarbl, H. Enhancement of NAD+-dependent SIRT1 deacetylase activity by methylselenocysteine resets the circadian clock in carcinogen-treated mammary epithelial cells. Oncotarget, In process, . (PMID: 26544624)

Zhu, H. Zhang, H. Jin, F. Fang, M. Huang, M. Yang, C. S. Chen, T. Fu, L. Pan, Z. Elevated Orai1 expression mediates tumor-promoting intracellular Ca2+ oscillations in human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Oncotarget, 5:3455-3471, . (PMID: 24797725, PMCID: PMC4116495)

Ren, X. Graham, J. C. Jing, L. Mikheev, A. M. Gao, Y. Lew, J. P. Xie, H. Kim, A. S. Shang, X. Friedman, C. Vail, G. Fang, M. Z. Bromberg, Y. Zarbl, H. Mapping of Mcs30, a New Mammary Carcinoma Susceptibility Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL30) on Rat Chromosome 12: Identification of Fry as a Candidate Mcs Gene. PLoS One, 8:e70930, . (PMID: 24023717, PMCID: PMC3759375)

Silva, F. R. Zanatta, L. Pedrosa, R. C. Fang, M. Z. Steroids and related compounds: basic and clinical aspects. Biomed Res Int, 2013:703476, . (PMID: 23484145, PMCID: PMC3581151)