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Jean E. Schwarzbauer, PhD

Publications since 2011

Magruder, H. T. Quinn, J. A. Schwartzbauer, J. E. Reichner, J. Huang, A. Filardo, E. J. The G protein-coupled estrogen receptor-1, GPER-1, promotes fibrillogenesis via a Shc-dependent pathway resulting in anchorage-independent growth. Horm Cancer, 5:390-404, . (PMID: 25096985)

Singh, P. Schwarzbauer, J. E. Fibronectin matrix assembly is essential for cell condensation during chondrogenesis. J Cell Sci, 127:4420-4428, . (PMID: 25146392, PMCID: PMC4197087)

Miller, C. G. Pozzi, A. Zent, R. Schwarzbauer, J. E. Effects of High Glucose on Integrin Activity and Fibronectin Matrix Assembly by Mesangial Cells. Mol Biol Cell, 25:2342-2350, . (PMID: 24943838, PMCID: PMC4142608)

Wong, M. C. Kennedy, W. P. Schwarzbauer, J. E. A transcriptionally regulated cell adhesion network dictates distal tip cell directionality. Dev Dyn, 243:999-1010, . (PMID: 24811939)

Singh, S. Bandini, S. B. Donnelly, P. E. Schwartz, J. Schwarzbauer, J. E. A cell-assembled, spatially aligned extracellular matrix to promote directed tissue development. J Mater Chem B Mater Biol Med, 2:1449-1453, . (PMID: 24707354, PMCID: PMC3975264)

Desai, V. D. Hsia, H. C. Schwarzbauer, J. E. Reversible modulation of myofibroblast differentiation in adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells. PLoS One, 9:e86865, . (PMID: 24466271, PMCID: PMC3900664)

Meighan, C. M. Schwarzbauer, J. E. alpha integrin cytoplasmic tails have tissue-specific roles during C. elegans development. Int J Dev Biol, 58:325-333, . (PMID: 25354452)

Donnelly, P. E. Jones, C. M. Bandini, S. B. Singh, S. Schwartz, J. Schwarzbauer, J. E. A Simple Nanoscale Interface Directs Alignment of a Confluent Cell Layer on Oxide and Polymer Surfaces. J Mater Chem B Mater Biol Med, 1:3553-3561, . (PMID: 23936630, PMCID: PMC3735232)

Taylor-Weiner, H. Schwarzbauer, J. E. Engler, A. J. Defined Extracellular Matrix Components are Necessary for Definitive Endoderm Induction. Stem Cells, In process, . (PMID: 23766144)

Carraher, C. L. Schwarzbauer, J. E. Regulation of Matrix Assembly through Rigidity-dependent Fibronectin Conformational Changes. J Biol Chem, 288:14805-14814, . (PMID: 23589296, PMCID: PMC3663504)

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Hunt, G. C. Singh, P. Schwarzbauer, J. E. Endogenous production of fibronectin is required for self-renewal of cultured mouse embryonic stem cells. Exp Cell Res, 318:1820-1831, . (PMID: 22710062)

Martynovsky, M. Wong, M. C. Byrd, D. T. Kimble, J. Schwarzbauer, J. E. mig-38, a novel gene that regulates distal tip cell turning during gonadogenesis in C. elegans hermaphrodites. Dev Biol, 368:404-414, . (PMID: 22732572)

Singh, P. Schwarzbauer, J. E. Fibronectin and stem cell differentiation - lessons from chondrogenesis. J Cell Sci, 125:3703-3712, . (PMID: 22976308, PMCID: PMC3462078)

Wong, M. C. Schwarzbauer, J. E. Gonad morphogenesis and distal tip cell migration in the hermaphrodite. Wiley Interdiscip Rev Dev Biol, 1:519-531, . (PMID: 23559979, PMCID: PMC3614366)

Chiang, C. Karuri, S. W. Kshatriya, P. P. Schwartz, J. Schwarzbauer, J. E. Karuri, N. W. Surface derivatization strategy for combinatorial analysis of cell response to mixtures of protein domains. Langmuir, 28:548-556, . (PMID: 22103809)

Schwarzbauer, J. E. DeSimone, D. W. Fibronectins, their fibrillogenesis, and in vivo functions. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol, 3:, . (PMID: 21576254)

Salmeron-Sanchez, M. Rico, P. Moratal, D. Lee, T. T. Schwarzbauer, J. E. Garcia, A. J. Role of material-driven fibronectin fibrillogenesis in cell differentiation. Biomaterials, 32:2099-2105, . (PMID: 21185593)

Sharma, R. I. Schwarzbauer, J. E. Moghe, P. V. Nanomaterials can dynamically steer cell responses to biological ligands. Small, 7:242-251, . (PMID: 21213389, PMCID: PMC3335745)

Wong, M. C. Martynovsky, M. Schwarzbauer, J. E. Analysis of cell migration using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model system. Methods Mol Biol, 769:233-247, . (PMID: 21748680)