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Chang S. Chan, PhD

Publications since 2011

Dudgeon, C. Chan, C. Kang, W. Sun, Y. Emerson, R. Robins, H. Levine, A. J. The evolution of thymic lymphomas in p53 knockout mice. Genes Dev, 28:2613-2620, . (PMID: 25452272, PMCID: PMC4248292)

Ariffin, H. Hainaut, P. Puzio-Kuter, A. Choong, S. S. Chan, A. S. Tolkunov, D. Rajagopal, G. Kang, W. Lim, L. L. Krishnan, S. Chen, K. S. Achatz, M. I. Karsa, M. Shamsani, J. Levine, A. J. Chan, C. S. Whole-genome sequencing analysis of phenotypic heterogeneity and anticipation in Li-Fraumeni cancer predisposition syndrome. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 111:15497-15501, . (PMID: 25313051, PMCID: PMC4217424)

Zhang, C. Liu, J. Wang, X. Wu, R. Lin, M. Laddha, S. V. Yang, Q. Chan, C. S. Feng, Z. MicroRNA-339-5p inhibits colorectal tumorigenesis through regulation of the MDM2/p53 signaling. Oncotarget, 5:9106-9117, . (PMID: 25193859)

Karsli-Uzunbas, G. Guo, J. Y. Price, S. M. Teng, X. Laddha, S. V. Khor, S. Kalaany, N. Y. Jacks, T. Chan, C. S. Rabinowitz, J. D. White, E. Autophagy is Required for Glucose Homeostasis and Lung Tumor Maintenance. Cancer Discov, 4:914-927, . (PMID: 24875857, PMCID: PMC4125614)

Zhang, C. Liu, J. Wu, R. Liang, Y. Lin, M. Liu, J. Chan, C. S. Hu, W. Feng, Z. Tumor suppressor p53 negatively regulates glycolysis stimulated by hypoxia through its target RRAD. Oncotarget, 5:5535-5546, . (PMID: 25114038, PMCID: PMC4170611)

Laddha, S. V. Ganesan, S. Chan, C. S. White, E. Mutational Landscape of the Essential Autophagy Gene BECN1 in Human Cancers. Mol Cancer Res, 12:485-490, . (PMID: 24478461, PMCID: PMC3989371)

Sagne, C. Marcel, V. Bota, M. Martel-Planche, G. Nobrega, A. Palmero, E. I. Perriaud, L. Boniol, M. Vagner, S. Cox, D. G. Chan, C. S. Mergny, J. L. Olivier, M. Ashton-Prolla, P. Hall, J. Hainaut, P. Achatz, M. I. Age at cancer onset in germline TP53 mutation carriers: association with polymorphisms in predicted G-quadruplex structures. Carcinogenesis, 35:807-815, . (PMID: 24336192, PMCID: PMC3977145)

Wong, C. Laddha, S. V. Tang, L. Vosburgh, E. Levine, A. J. Normant, E. Sandy, P. Harris, C. R. Chan, C. S. Xu, E. Y. The bromodomain and extra-terminal inhibitor CPI203 enhances the antiproliferative effects of rapamycin on human neuroendocrine tumors. Cell Death Dis, 5:e1450, . (PMID: 25299775, PMCID: PMC4237236)