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Shawna V. Hudson, PhD

Selected Publications

Hudson SV, Ohman-Strickland P, Cunningham R, Ferrante JM, Hahn K, Crabtree BF. The effects of teamwork and system support on colorectal cancer screening in primary care practices. Cancer Detect Prev. 2007;31(5):417-423.

Hudson SV, Chubak J, Coups EJ, Blake-Gumbs L, Jacobsen PB, Neugut AI, Buist DS. Identifying key questions to advance research and practice in cancer survivorship follow-up care: a report from the ASPO Survivorship Interest Group. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. Jul 2009;18(7):2152-2154.

Hudson SV, Ohman-Strickland P, Ferrante JM, Lu-Yao G, Orzano AJ, Crabtree BF. Prostate-specific antigen testing among the elderly in community-based family medicine practices. J Am Board Fam Med. May-Jun 2009;22(3):257-265.

Hudson SV, Hahn KA, Ohman-Strickland P, Cunningham RS, Miller SM, Crabtree BF. Breast, colorectal and prostate cancer screening for cancer survivors and non-cancer patients in community practices. J Gen Intern Med. Nov 2009;24 Suppl 2:S487-490.

Ferrante JM, Balasubramanian BA, Hudson SV, Crabtree BF. Principles of the patient-centered medical home and preventive services delivery. Ann Fam Med. Mar-Apr 2010;8(2):108-116.

Delnevo CD, Steinberg MB, Hudson SV, Ulpe R, Dipaola RS. Epidemiology of Cigarette and Smokeless Tobacco Use among South Asian Immigrants in the Northeastern United States. J Oncol. 2011;2011:252675.

Hade EM, Murray DM, Pennell ML, Rhoda D, Paskett ED, Champion VL, Crabtree BF, Dietrich A, Dignan MB, Farmer M, Fenton JJ, Flocke S, Hiatt RA, Hudson SV, Mitchell M, Monahan P, Shariff-Marco S, Slone SL, Stange K, Stewart SL, Strickland PA. Intraclass correlation estimates for cancer screening outcomes: estimates and applications in the design of group-randomized cancer screening studies. J Natl Cancer Inst Monogr. 2010;2010(40):97-103.

Balasubramanian BA, Chase SM, Nutting PA, Cohen DJ, Strickland PA, Crosson JC, Miller WL, Crabtree BF. Using Learning Teams for Reflective Adaptation (ULTRA): insights from a team-based change management strategy in primary care. Ann Fam Med. Sep-Oct 2010;8(5):425-432.

Shaw EK, Howard J, Etz RS, Hudson SV, Crabtree BF. How team-based reflection affects quality improvement implementation: a qualitative study. Quality management in health care. Apr 2012;21(2):104-113.

Hudson SV, Miller SM, Hemler J, McClinton A, Tallia AF, Crabtree BF. Cancer Survivors and the Patient-Centered Medical Home. Translational Behavioral Medicine. Sept 2012 2012;2(3):322-331.

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Miller SM, Hudson SV, Egleston BL, Manne S, Buzaglo JS, Devarajan K, Fleisher L, Millard J, Solarino N, Trinastic J, Meropol NJ. The relationships among knowledge, self-efficacy, preparedness, decisional conflict, and decisions to participate in a cancer clinical trial. Psychooncology. Feb 14 2012.

Evans KR, Lewis MJ, Hudson SV. The role of health literacy on African American and Hispanic/Latino perspectives on cancer clinical trials. Journal of Cancer Education : The Official Journal of the American Association for Cancer Education. Jun 2012;27(2):299-305.

Manne S, Etz RS, Hudson SV, Medina-Forrester A, Boscarino JA, Bowen DJ, Weinberg DS. A qualitative analysis of couples' communication regarding colorectal cancer screening using the Interdependence Model. Patient Educ Couns. Apr 2012;87(1):18-22.

Hudson SV, Miller SM, Hemler J, Ferrante JM, Lyle J, Oeffinger KC, Dipaola RS. Adult Cancer Survivors Discuss Follow-up in Primary Care: 'Not What I Want, But Maybe What I Need'. Ann Fam Med. Sep 2012;10(5):418-427.