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Tomer Davidov, MD, FACS

Publications since 2011

Davidov, T. Nagar, M. Kierson, M. Chekmareva, M. Chen, C. Lu, S. E. Lin, Y. Chernyavsky, V. Potdevin, L. Arumugam, D. Barnard, N. Trooskin, S. Carbonic anhydrase 4 and crystallin alpha-B immunoreactivity may distinguish benign from malignant thyroid nodules in patients with indeterminate thyroid cytology. J Surg Res, 190:565-574, . (PMID: 24880201)

Eng, O. S. Lesniak, S. Davidov, T. Trooskin, S. Z. Diagnosing thyroid lymphoma: steroid administration may result in rapid improvement of dyspnea : a report of two cases. Int J Endocrinol Metab, 12:e11463, . (PMID: 24696693, PMCID: PMC3969003)

Chernyavsky, V. S. Shanker, B. A. Davidov, T. Crystal, J. S. Eng, O. Ibrahim, K. Kwong, J. Trooskin, S. Z. Is one benign fine needle aspiration enough? Ann Surg Oncol, 19:1472-1476, . (PMID: 21969084)

Chernyavsky, V. S. Davidov, T. Trooskin, S. Z. Boyarsky, A. Athlete's hernia--a true, early direct inguinal hernia: diagnosis, pathophysiology, and surgical treatment. Am Surg, 77:1472-1476, . (PMID: 22196660)

Chernyavsky, V. S. Farghani, S. Davidov, T. Ma, L. Barnard, N. Amorosa, L. F. Trooskin, S. Z. Calcitonin-negative neuroendocrine tumor of the thyroid: a distinct clinical entity. Thyroid, 21:193-196, . (PMID: 21275766)