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Salma Jabbour, MD

Selected Publications

M. Bourdi, D. Demady, J.L. Martin, S.K. Jabbour, B.M. Martin, J.W. George, L.R. Pohl. cDNA Cloning and baculovirus expression of the human liver endoplasmic reticulum P58: characterization as a protein disulfide isomerase isoform, but not as a Protease or a carnitine acyltransferase. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. 1995; 323(2), 397-403.

E.C. Nwokedi, S.J. DiBiase, S. Jabbour, J. Herman, P. Amin, L.S. Chin. Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery for patients with glioblastoma multiforme. Neurosurgery. 2002; 50(1), 41-46.

S.M. Raza, S. Jabbour, Q. Thai, G. Pradilla, L.R. Kleinberg, M. Wharam, D.Rigamonti. Repeat stereotactic radiosurgery for high-grade and large intracranial arteriovenous malformations. Surgical Neurology.2007; 68(1): 24-34.

N. J. Yue, S. Kim, S. Jabbour, V. Narra, B.G. Haffty A strategy to objectively evaluate the necessity of correcting detected target deviations in image guided radiotherapy. Medical Physics.2007; 34(11): 4340-4347.

S. Chang, J. Zhou, Q. Liu, D. N. Metaxas, B. G. Haffty, S. N. Kim, S. Jabbour, N. J. Yue. Registration of lung tissue between fluoroscope and CT images: determination of beam gating parameters in radiotherapy. Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv Int Conf. 2007; 10(Pt 1): 751-8.

N. J. Yue, S. Kim, B. E. Lewis, S. Jabbour, V. Narra, S. Goyal, and B.G. Haffty. Optimization of couch translational corrections to compensate for rotational and deformable target deviations in image guided radiotherapy. Medical Physics 2008; 35 (10): 4375-4385.

S.K. Jabbour, Z. Zhang, D. Arnold, M.D. Wharam. Risk of Second Tumor in Intracranial Germinoma Patients Treated with Radiation Therapy: the Johns Hopkins Experience. Journal of Neuro-Oncology, 2009; 91(2):227-32.

Chen T, Kim S, Goyal S, Jabbour S, Rajagopal G, Haffty B, Yue N. Object-constrained meshless deformable algorithm for high speed 3D nonrigid registration between CT and CBCT. Med Phys. 2010; 37(1): 197-210

S. Yovino, M. Poppe, S. Jabbour, V. David, M.D., M. Garofalo, N. Pandya, N. Hanna, R. Alexander, W. F. Regine. . Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Significantly Improves Acute Gastrointestinal Toxicity in Pancreatic and Ampullary Cancers: A Multi-Institutional Experience. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2011 Jan 1;79(1):158-62. Epub 2010 Apr 14.

Liu B, Yang L, Kulikowski C, Zhou J, Gong L, Foran DJ, Jabbour S, Yue NJ. An Adaptive Tracking Algorithm of Lung Tumors in Fluoroscopy Using Online Learned Collaborative Trackers. Proc IEEE Int Symp Biomed Imaging. 2010 Apr 1;2010:209-212

Poppe MM, Narra V, Yue NJ, Zhou J, Nelson C, Jabbour SK. A Comparison of Helical Intensity- Modulated Radiotherapy, Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy, and 3D-Conformal Radiation Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer. Med Dosim. 2010 Dec 6. [Epub ahead of print

Jabbour SK, Thomas CR. Radiation Therapy in the Postoperative Management of Esophageal Cancer. J Gastrointest Oncol 2010; 1: 102-111. DOI: 10.3978/j.issn.2078-6891.2010.013

Nosher JL, Ohman-Strickland PA, Jabbour S, Narra V, Nosher B J. Changes in liver and spleen volumes and liver function after radioembolization with yttrium-90 resin microspheres. Vasc Interv Radiol 2011 Dec 22(12):1706-13. Epub 2011 Sep 19.

Jabbour SK, Daroui P, Moore D, Licitra E, Gabel M, Aisner J. A novel paradigm in the treatment of oligometastatic non-small cell lung cancer. J Thorac Dis. 2011 Mar;3(1):4-9.

Kothadia JP, Chhabra S, Marcus A, May M, Saraiya B, Jabbour SK. Anterior mediastinal mass in a young marijuana smoker: a rare case of small-cell lung cancer. Case Report Med. 2012;2012:754231.Epub 2012 Apr 1.