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Changshun Shao, PhD

Publications since 2011

Zhao, M. Liu, Q. Gong, Y. Xu, X. Zhang, C. Liu, X. Zhang, C. Guo, H. Zhang, X. Gong, Y. Shao, C. GSH-dependent Antioxidant Defense Contributes to the Acclimation of Colon Cancer Cells to Acidic Microenvironment. Cell Cycle, In process, . (PMID: 26950675)

Wang, B. Hou, D. Liu, Q. Wu, T. Guo, H. Zhang, X. Zou, Y. Liu, Z. Liu, J. Wei, J. Gong, Y. Shao, C. Artesunate sensitizes ovarian cancer cells to cisplatin by downregulating RAD51. Cancer Biol Ther, 16:1548-1556, . (PMID: 26176175)

Wu, J. Lai, M. Shao, C. Wang, J. Wei, J. J. STC2 overexpression mediated by HMGA2 is a biomarker for aggressiveness of high-grade serous ovarian cancer. Oncol Rep, In process, . (PMID: 26165228)

Zhao, X. Jiang, B. Hu, H. Mao, F. Mi, J. Li, Z. Liu, Q. Shao, C. Gong, Y. Zebrafish cul4a, but not cul4b, modulates cardiac and forelimb development by upregulating tbx5a expression. Hum Mol Genet, 24:853-864, . (PMID: 25274780)

Li, J. Zhao, X. Xin, Q. Shan, S. Jiang, B. Jin, Y. Yuan, H. Dai, P. Xiao, R. Zhang, Q. Xiao, J. Shao, C. Gong, Y. Liu, Q. Whole-Exome Sequencing Identifies a Variant in TMEM132E Causing Autosomal-Recessive Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss DFNB99. Hum Mutat, 36:98-105, . (PMID: 25331638)

Liu, Q. Xu, X. Zhao, M. Wei, Z. Li, X. Zhang, X. Liu, Z. Gong, Y. Shao, C. Berberine induces senescence of human glioblastoma cells by downregulating EGFR-MEK-ERK signaling pathway. Mol Cancer Ther, In process, . (PMID: 25504754)

Xu, B. Wang, W. Guo, H. Sun, Z. Wei, Z. Zhang, X. Liu, Z. Tischfield, J. A. Gong, Y. Shao, C. Oxidative stress preferentially induces a subtype of micronuclei and mediates the genomic instability caused by p53 dysfunction. Mutat Res Fundam Mol Mech Mutagen, 770:1-8, . (PMID: 25302047, PMCID: PMC4186711)

Yuan, J. Han, B. Hu, H. Qian, Y. Liu, Z. Wei, Z. Liang, X. Jiang, B. Shao, C. Gong, Y. CUL4B activates Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma by repressing Wnt antagonists. J Pathol, In process, . (PMID: 25430888)

Wei, Z. Guo, H. Liu, Z. Zhang, X. Liu, Q. Qian, Y. Gong, Y. Shao, C. CUL4B impedes stress-induced cellular senescence by dampening a p53-reactive oxygen species positive feedback loop. Free Radic Biol Med, In process, . (PMID: 25464270)

Mao, F. Li, Z. Zhao, B. Lin, P. Liu, P. Zhai, M. Liu, Q. Shao, C. Sun, W. Gong, Y. Identification and Functional Analysis of a SLC33A1: c.339T>G (p.Ser113Arg) Variant in the Original SPG42 Family. Hum Mutat, In process, . (PMID: 25402622)

Dong, R. Liu, X. Zhang, Q. Jiang, Z. Li, Y. Wei, Y. Li, Y. Yang, Q. Liu, J. Wei, J. J. Shao, C. Liu, Z. Kong, B. miR-145 inhibits tumor growth and metastasis by targeting metadherin in high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma. Oncotarget, 5:10816-10829, . (PMID: 25333261, PMCID: PMC4279412)

Ji, Q. Hu, H. Yang, F. Yuan, J. Yang, Y. Jiang, L. Qian, Y. Jiang, B. Zou, Y. Wang, Y. Shao, C. Gong, Y. CRL4B interacts with and coordinates the SIN3A-HDAC complex to repress CDKN1A and drive cell cycle progression. J Cell Sci, 127:4679-4691, . (PMID: 25189618)

Guo, H. Zhang, X. Dong, R. Liu, X. Li, Y. Lu, S. Xu, L. Wang, Y. Wang, X. Hou, D. Wei, J. J. Shao, C. Liu, Z. Integrated analysis of long noncoding RNAs and mRNAs reveals their potential roles in the pathogenesis of uterine leiomyomas. Oncotarget, 5:8625-8636, . (PMID: 25268745, PMCID: PMC4226709)

Wang, X. Xin, Q. Li, L. Li, J. Zhang, C. Qiu, R. Qian, C. Zhao, H. Liu, Y. Shan, S. Dang, J. Bian, X. Shao, C. Gong, Y. Liu, Q. Exome sequencing reveals a heterozygous DLX5 mutation in a Chinese family with autosomal-dominant split-hand/foot malformation. Eur J Hum Genet, 22:1105-1110, . (PMID: 24496061, PMCID: PMC4135423)

Ren, G. Liu, Y. Zhao, X. Zhang, J. Zheng, B. Yuan, Z. R. Zhang, L. Qu, X. Tischfield, J. A. Shao, C. Shi, Y. Tumor resident mesenchymal stromal cells endow naive stromal cells with tumor-promoting properties. Oncogene, 33:4016-4020, . (PMID: 24077286)

Chen, Q. Shou, P. Zhang, L. Xu, C. Zheng, C. Han, Y. Li, W. Huang, Y. Zhang, X. Shao, C. Roberts, A. I. Rabson, A. B. Ren, G. Zhang, Y. Wang, Y. Denhardt, D. T. Shi, Y. An Osteopontin-Integrin interaction plays a critical role in directing adipogenesis and osteogenesis by mesenchymal stem cells. Stem Cells, 32:327-337, . (PMID: 24123709, PMCID: PMC3961005)

Guo, H. Liu, Z. Xu, B. Hu, H. Wei, Z. Liu, Q. Zhang, X. Ding, X. Wang, Y. Zhao, M. Gong, Y. Shao, C. Chemokine receptor CXCR2 is transactivated by p53 and induces p38-mediated cellular senescence in response to DNA damage. Aging Cell, 12:1110-1121, . (PMID: 23869868)

Liu, Z. Gersbach, E. Zhang, X. Xu, X. Dong, R. Lee, P. Liu, J. Kong, B. Shao, C. Wei, J. J. miR-106a represses the Rb tumor suppressor p130 to regulate cellular proliferation and differentiation in high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma. Mol Cancer Res, 11:1314-1325, . (PMID: 24045973, PMCID: PMC3911890)

Li, H. Li, T. Wang, S. Wei, J. Fan, J. Li, J. Han, Q. Liao, L. Shao, C. Zhao, R. C. miR-17-5p and miR-106a are involved in the balance between osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells. Stem Cell Res, 10:313-324, . (PMID: 23399447)

He, F. Lu, D. Jiang, B. Wang, Y. Liu, Q. Liu, Q. Shao, C. Li, X. Gong, Y. X-linked intellectual disability gene CUL4B targets Jab1/CSN5 for degradation and regulates bone morphogenetic protein signaling. Biochim Biophys Acta, 1832:595-605, . (PMID: 23357576)

Zou, Y. Mi, J. Wang, W. Lu, J. Zhao, W. Liu, Z. Hu, H. Yang, Y. Gao, X. Jiang, B. Shao, C. Gong, Y. CUL4B promotes replication licensing by up-regulating the CDK2-CDC6 cascade. J Cell Biol, 200:743-756, . (PMID: 23479742, PMCID: PMC3601365)

Song, Y. Wang, M. Mao, F. Shao, M. Zhao, B. Song, Z. Shao, C. Gong, Y. Knockdown of Pnpla6 protein results in motor neuron defects in zebrafish. Dis Model Mech, 6:404-413, . (PMID: 22996643, PMCID: PMC3597022)

Hu, H. Yang, Y. Ji, Q. Zhao, W. Jiang, B. Liu, R. Yuan, J. Liu, Q. Li, X. Zou, Y. Shao, C. Shang, Y. Wang, Y. Gong, Y. CRL4B catalyzes H2AK119 monoubiquitination and coordinates with PRC2 to promote tumorigenesis. Cancer Cell, 22:781-795, . (PMID: 23238014)

Ren, G. Zhao, X. Wang, Y. Zhang, X. Chen, X. Xu, C. Yuan, Z. R. Roberts, A. I. Zhang, L. Zheng, B. Wen, T. Han, Y. Rabson, A. B. Tischfield, J. A. Shao, C. Shi, Y. CCR2-Dependent Recruitment of Macrophages by Tumor-Educated Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Promotes Tumor Development and Is Mimicked by TNFalpha Cell Stem Cell, 11:812-824, . (PMID: 23168163, PMCID: PMC3518598)

Li, X. Xu, B. Moran, M. S. Zhao, Y. Su, P. Haffty, B. G. Shao, C. Yang, Q. 53BP1 functions as a tumor suppressor in breast cancer via the inhibition of NF-kappaB through miR-146a. Carcinogenesis, 33:2593-2600, . (PMID: 23027628)

Liu, Z. Liu, J. Segura, M. F. Shao, C. Lee, P. Gong, Y. Hernando, E. Wei, J. J. MiR-182 overexpression in tumourigenesis of high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma. J Pathol, 228:204-215, . (PMID: 22322863)

Liu, X. Qu, X. Chen, Y. Liao, L. Cheng, K. Shao, C. Zenke, M. Keating, A. Zhao, R. C. Mesenchymal stem/stromal cells induce the generation of novel IL-10-dependent regulatory dendritic cells by SOCS3 activation. J Immunol, 189:1182-1192, . (PMID: 22753940)

Rani, V. Neumann, C. A. Shao, C. Tischfield, J. A. Prdx1 deficiency in mice promotes tissue specific loss of heterozygosity mediated by deficiency in DNA repair and increased oxidative stress. Mutat Res, 735:39-45, . (PMID: 22583657, PMCID: PMC3389210)

Wang, X. Chen, T. Leng, L. Fan, J. Cao, K. Duan, Z. Zhang, X. Shao, C. Wu, M. Tadmori, I. Li, T. Liang, L. Sun, D. Zheng, S. Meinhardt, A. Young, W. Bucala, R. Ren, Y. MIF produced by bone marrow-derived macrophages contributes to teratoma progression after embryonic stem cell transplantation. Cancer Res, 72:2867-2878, . (PMID: 22461508)

Wang, Y. Liu, Q. Liu, Z. Li, B. Sun, Z. Zhou, H. Zhang, X. Gong, Y. Shao, C. Berberine, a genotoxic alkaloid, induces ATM-Chk1 mediated G2 arrest in prostate cancer cells. Mutat Res, 734:20-29, . (PMID: 22561209)

Moore, C. R. Liu, Y. Shao, C. Covey, L. R. Morse, H. C. 3rd Xie, P. Specific deletion of TRAF3 in B lymphocytes leads to B-lymphoma development in mice. Leukemia, 26:1122-1127, . (PMID: 22033491, PMCID: PMC3433763)

Liu, Y. Deng, L. Nguyen, S. C. Au, C. L. Shao, C. Tischfield, J. A. Liang, L. A human cell-based reporter detects microhomology-mediated end joining. Mutat Res, 731:140-144, . (PMID: 22197482, PMCID: PMC3268871)

Zhang, X. Liu, Z. Xu, B. Sun, Z. Gong, Y. Shao, C. Neferine, an alkaloid ingredient in lotus seed embryo, inhibits proliferation of human osteosarcoma cells by promoting p38 MAPK-mediated p21 stabilization. Eur J Pharmacol, 677:47-54, . (PMID: 22227330)

Jiang, B. Zhao, W. Yuan, J. Qian, Y. Sun, W. Zou, Y. Guo, C. Chen, B. Shao, C. Gong, Y. Lack of Cul4b, an E3 ubiquitin ligase component, leads to embryonic lethality and abnormal placental development. PLoS One, 7:e37070, . (PMID: 22606329, PMCID: PMC3351389)

Denissova, N. G. Tereshchenko, I. V. Cui, E. Stambrook, P. J. Shao, C. Tischfield, J. A. Ionizing radiation is a potent inducer of mitotic recombination in mouse embryonic stem cells. Mutat Res, 715:1-6, . (PMID: 21802432, PMCID: PMC3172342)

Li, X. Lu, D. He, F. Zhou, H. Liu, Q. Wang, Y. Shao, C. Gong, Y. Cullin 4B protein ubiquitin ligase targets peroxiredoxin III for degradation. J Biol Chem, 286:32344-32354, . (PMID: 21795677, PMCID: PMC3173229)

Sun, Z. Han, Q. Zhu, Y. Li, Z. Chen, B. Liao, L. Bian, C. Li, J. Shao, C. Zhao, R. C. NANOG has a role in mesenchymal stem cells' immunomodulatory effect. Stem Cells Dev, 20:1521-1528, . (PMID: 21235326)

Li, X. Kong, X. Huo, Q. Guo, H. Yan, S. Yuan, C. Moran, M. S. Shao, C. Yang, Q. Metadherin enhances the invasiveness of breast cancer cells by inducing epithelial to mesenchymal transition. Cancer Sci, 102:1151-1157, . (PMID: 21371176)

Wu, J. Liu, Z. Shao, C. Gong, Y. Hernando, E. Lee, P. Narita, M. Muller, W. Liu, J. Wei, J. J. HMGA2 overexpression-induced ovarian surface epithelial transformation is mediated through regulation of EMT genes. Cancer Res, 71:349-359, . (PMID: 21224353)

Xu, B. Sun, Z. Liu, Z. Guo, H. Liu, Q. Jiang, H. Zou, Y. Gong, Y. Tischfield, J. A. Shao, C. Replication stress induces micronuclei comprising of aggregated DNA double-strand breaks. PLoS One, 6:e18618, . (PMID: 21525980, PMCID: PMC3078113)

Liu, Q. Jiang, H. Liu, Z. Wang, Y. Zhao, M. Hao, C. Feng, S. Guo, H. Xu, B. Yang, Q. Gong, Y. Shao, C. Berberine radiosensitizes human esophageal cancer cells by downregulating homologous recombination repair protein RAD51. PLoS One, 6:e23427, . (PMID: 21858113, PMCID: PMC3152570)