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Bing Xia, PhD

Publications since 2011

Wu, Q. Paul, A. Su, D. Mehmood, S. Foo, T. K. Ochi, T. Bunting, E. L. Xia, B. Robinson, C. V. Wang, B. Blundell, T. L. Structure of BRCA1-BRCT/Abraxas Complex Reveals Phosphorylation-Dependent BRCT Dimerization at DNA Damage Sites. Mol Cell, 61:434-448, . (PMID: 26778126)

Orthwein, A. Noordermeer, S. M. Wilson, M. D. Landry, S. Enchev, R. I. Sherker, A. Munro, M. Pinder, J. Salsman, J. Dellaire, G. Xia, B. Peter, M. Durocher, D. A mechanism for the suppression of homologous recombination in G1 cells. Nature, In process, . (PMID: 26649820)

Chandra, A. Lin, T. Zhu, J. Wei, T. Huo, Y. Jia, H. Zhang, Y. Liu, X. S. Cengel, K. Xia, B. Qin, L. PTH1-34 Blocks Radiation-Induced Osteoblast Apoptosis by Enhancing DNA Repair through Canonical Wnt Pathway. J Biol Chem, In process, . (PMID: 25336648)

Simhadri, S. Peterson, S. Patel, D. Huo, Y. Cai, H. Bowman-Colin, C. Miller, S. Ludwig, T. Ganesan, S. Bhaumik, M. Bunting, S. Jasin, M. Xia, B. Male fertility defect associated with disrupted BRCA1-PALB2 interaction in mice. J Biol Chem, 289:24617-24629, . (PMID: 25016020, PMCID: PMC4148885)

Cicchini, M. Karantza, V. Xia, B. Molecular Pathways: Autophagy in Cancer-A Matter of Timing and Context. Clin Cancer Res, In process, . (PMID: 25165101)

Guo, J. Y. Xia, B. White, E. Autophagy-mediated tumor promotion. Cell, 155:1216-1219, . (PMID: 24315093, PMCID: PMC3987898)

Nikkila, J. Christin Parplys, A. Pylkas, K. Bose, M. Huo, Y. Borgmann, K. Rapakko, K. Nieminen, P. Xia, B. Pospiech, H. Winqvist, R. Heterozygous mutations in PALB2 cause DNA replication and damage response defects. Nat Commun, 4:2578, . (PMID: 24153426)

Huo, Y. Cai, H. Teplova, I. Bowman-Colin, C. Chen, G. Price, S. Barnard, N. Ganesan, S. Karantza, V. White, E. Xia, B. Autophagy Opposes p53-Mediated Tumor Barrier to Facilitate Tumorigenesis in a Model of PALB2-Associated Hereditary Breast Cancer. Cancer Discov, 3:894-907, . (PMID: 23650262, PMCID: PMC3740014)

Bowman-Colin, C. Xia, B. Bunting, S. Klijn, C. Drost, R. Bouwman, P. Fineman, L. Chen, X. Culhane, A. C. Cai, H. Rodig, S. J. Bronson, R. T. Jonkers, J. Nussenzweig, A. Kanellopoulou, C. Livingston, D. M. Palb2 synergizes with Trp53 to suppress mammary tumor formation in a model of inherited breast cancer. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110:8632-8637, . (PMID: 23657012, PMCID: PMC3666744)

Anantha, R. W. Alcivar, A. L. Ma, J. Cai, H. Simhadri, S. Ule, J. Konig, J. Xia, B. Requirement of Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein C for BRCA Gene Expression and Homologous Recombination. PLoS One, 8:e61368, . (PMID: 23585894, PMCID: PMC3621867)

Kim, J. H. Xu, E. Y. Sacks, D. B. Lee, J. Shu, L. Xia, B. Kong, A. N. Identification and Functional Studies of a New Nrf2 partner IQGAP1: A critical role in the stability and transactivation of Nrf2. Antioxid Redox Signal, In process, . (PMID: 22793650)

Ma, J. Cai, H. Wu, T. Sobhian, B. Huo, Y. Alcivar, A. Mehta, M. Cheung, K. L. Ganesan, S. Kong, A. N. Zhang, D. D. Xia, B. PALB2 interacts with KEAP1 to promote NRF2 nuclear accumulation and function. Mol Cell Biol, 32:1506-1517, . (PMID: 22331464, PMCID: PMC3318596)

Tu, Z. Aird, K. M. Bitler, B. G. Nicodemus, J. P. Beeharry, N. Xia, B. Yen, T. J. Zhang, R. Oncogenic RAS regulates BRIP1 expression to induce dissociation of BRCA1 from chromatin, inhibit DNA repair, and promote senescence. Dev Cell, 21:1077-1091, . (PMID: 22137763, PMCID: PMC3241855)

Siaud, N. Barbera, M. A. Egashira, A. Lam, I. Christ, N. Schlacher, K. Xia, B. Jasin, M. Plasticity of BRCA2 function in homologous recombination: genetic interactions of the PALB2 and DNA binding domains. PLoS Genet, 7:e1002409, . (PMID: 22194698, PMCID: PMC3240595)

Jirawatnotai, S. Hu, Y. Michowski, W. Elias, J. E. Becks, L. Bienvenu, F. Zagozdzon, A. Goswami, T. Wang, Y. E. Clark, A. B. Kunkel, T. A. van Harn, T. Xia, B. Correll, M. Quackenbush, J. Livingston, D. M. Gygi, S. P. Sicinski, P. A function for cyclin D1 in DNA repair uncovered by protein interactome analyses in human cancers. Nature, 474:230-234, . (PMID: 21654808, PMCID: PMC3134411)